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Account Executive

Job Summary

Responsible for the content output and promotional initiatives within an organization. Promote and enhance profiles of clients, write blogs and press releases, promote news items, and help clients gain more exposure, referrals, and online traffic.

Primary responsibilities

  • Meet with clients to discuss goals, objectives, and needs.
  • Identify promotional needs and audiences.
  • Devise PR campaign.
  • Set deadlines.
  • Kick off campaign.
  • Present campaign ideas to client.
  • Get budgets and ideas approved.
  • Formulate marketing strategies.
  • Negotiate fees and hourly rates.
  • Get approval for creative content.
  • Handle budgets and manage campaign costs.
  • Invoice clients.
  • Write detailed reports.
  • Create focus groups.
  • Identify new clients.
  • Participate in creating and presenting pitches.
  • Communicate and build marketing campaigns with business owners.
  • Prospect, negotiate and close agreements.
  • Monitor media and feedback.
  • Address questions, complaints, and other issues that are raised.
  • Create marketing plans.
  • Research, write, and distribute press releases.
  • Ensure revenue goals are met.
  • Cover and promote events such as conferences or webinars.

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