Staying Positive Throughout Your Job Search

By Recruiting Specialist
Have a Positive Attitude

Keeping an upbeat attitude throughout your job search may seem effortless at first, but if weeks pass without any viable leads, it’s easy to get discouraged. Stopping your job search completely or accepting any job that comes along out of desperation is tempting, but remember that you’ve come this far (getting an education, crafting a resume, applying for countless jobs) and if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with a career you love. Here are some vital tips that will motivate you to keep pounding that pavement:

  1. Reward yourself. If you’ve been on countless interviews with no job offers, odds are you’re getting frustrated and even depressed. It’s important to not be hard on yourself and to understand that many people are receiving the same response. Reward yourself as often as you can. If you see a book on sale that you’ve been dying to read, or you love the burgers at a certain gourmet restaurant, or a new movie comes out that you really want to see, take the time out of your job search and treat yourself to a much-needed respite.
  2. Take plenty of breaks and get lots of rest. You’ll spend countless hours in front of the computer checking boxes, uploading resumes, and completing applications, so it’s crucial that you take plenty of breaks throughout the day. Stretch, get a glass of water, or take a quick walk to break up your routine. Ensure you are getting at least seven hours of sleep per night so that you can begin your job search with rested, refreshed eyes each morning.
  3. Give yourself a partial makeover. Although it may sound trivial, altering your physical appearance even just slightly can trigger a fresh burst of energy and perspective. Maybe you’ve been considering a new haircut or you found a suit on sale that you love, or maybe you want to debut a whole new look to prospective employers. Whatever the reason, a makeover can give you renewed confidence.
  4. Exercise. Whether you take a brisk walk every morning or you love lifting weights, exercise can provide energy, optimism, and discipline during your job search. Try joining a yoga class or buy a used bike for some fun adventures around your city. Kickboxing is also a great outlet and can alleviate stress and tension, especially if you spend long hours in front of the computer during your job search.
  5. Volunteer. What better way to utilize your unemployed days than to volunteer for a local shelter or another cause? Local non-profits are always in need of extra help. Not only will you be giving back to your community, but you’ll also have some extra padding on your resume that will catch the eye of employers.
  6. Discuss your job search with friends and family. Don’t keep your frustrations bottled up inside. Share the ups and downs with family, who will be natural source of encouragement. Ask friends to go over interview questions with you or to review your resume to get a different perspective.
  7. Start a support group. Set up a weekly time to meet for coffee or breakfast with your peers who are also going through a job search. Share your own tips, warnings, or progress, and you’ll soon look forward to this much-needed break. For more career advice or assistance in your job search goals, register with America’s Job Exchange today at