Questions to Ask Employers during an Interview

By Recruiting Specialist
America’s Job Exchange

Questions to Ask Employers During an InterviewWhen on a job interview, the question and answer session is the best way for recruiters to determine if you are the best candidate for the job. It is also an opportunity for you to interview prospective employers. By asking them and yourself questions so you can determine if the company and position is the right fit for you. The 10 questions below will help you itemize the pros and cons of different jobs, and begin to define the type of career that is right for you.

1. Is this an industry that you like and do you think it has a good future?

2. Do you like and respect the company? Do they develop a good product and will they continue to experience growth?

3. Do you see yourself working in this industry and for this company for several years?

4. Why is the position vacant? Is it a new position or has it been recently vacated, and if so, why did that person leave?

5. What skills are most important for the job? Do you have them or will you need to invest time or money in acquiring them? If so, does the company offset any training expenses?

6. Is there a defined career path that this job will allow you to follow? Have other employees progressed within this position and company?

7. What are the expectations of employment? Typical work day. Travel requirements. Do employees work late, or are they required to always be accessible.

8. Is the salary in line with your expectations and are there opportunities for salary growth, such as annual performance reviews?

9. Do you like this type of job? Are there parts of the job that are personally satisfying?

10. Where is the position located? Will it be an easy or long commute and how will this impact your day to day schedule?

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