Top Resolutions for the New Year

By AJE Recruiting Specialist
America’s Job Exchange

Top Resolutions for the New YearThe cornerstone of any successful career is excitement and eagerness to do something that you love. With the desire for career success, this may mean extra work, which can result in detachment from friends and family in favor of attending to the innumerable tasks of achieving business success.These resolutions to bring into the New Year will ensure that you prioritize the individual tasks within your workplace, as well as activities in your life outside of work.

1. Keep the expectations of your career goals at a reasonable level on a day to day basis. If your hopes are too high, you may find yourself constantly disappointed and discouraged if you do not reach your career goals in the short–term. Try setting short-term, achievable goals that you can work toward.
2. Be healthy, whether it’s quitting smoking, putting a solid sleep schedule into place, or making a commitment to exercise a certain number of times a week. A healthy body is a healthy mind: you will be much more productive if you stay on top of things during work, and much more optimistic about the future of your career thanks to an improved mood.
3. Maintain work–life balance. Designate an activity whose primary purpose is to relieve stress. Perhaps it’s the aforementioned trip to the gym, a morning meditation, or a few quiet moments of reading in the middle of your day. Your stress relieving activity, no matter how insignificant it seems, will greatly affect your mood, and thus your performance managing your work.
4. Find a new hobby or interest. Have you ever wanted to teach yourself a foreign language? Learn an instrument? Write fiction in your spare time? Spend a few hours each week doing something that has nothing to do with your job; this will help you keep your work-life balance in check. Perhaps your new hobby can even double as your stress reliever.
5. Share the workload. As much as you may like to, it’s impossible to do everything yourself. If you need assistance, ask for it. Another set of hands will take some of the work, and some of the pressure, off your shoulders.
6. Networking in the context of a business organization is an excellent way to share your ideas, establish valuable relationships, and most importantly, to instill and reignite eagerness and excitement into both you and your career.
7. Finally, and most importantly, decide what is working and what isn’t working for you, and cease to invest time and energy into the latter. Don’t let a failed work plan or project discourage you. Simply stop trying to turn a failure into a success and focus on more promising alternatives.

Developing your career into a successful one may mean maintaining the balance between your work life and non–work life, setting reasonable goals for yourself, and not losing your passion and motivation to succeed. Don’t fall back on these New Year’s resolutions, and your career may prosper in 2012.