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Court Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for preparing dockets of cases to be called, retrieving information for judges to read in court cases, reaching out to witnesses, and obtaining other information for the court.

Primary responsibilities

  • Perform a variety of administrative tasks for the courts.
  • Prepare dockets of cases to be called.
  • Secure information about court cases for judges.
  • Contact witnesses, lawyers, and attorneys.
  • Process legal documents.
  • Manage court records.
  • Schedule court cases.
  • Audit files to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Prepare, file, and forward documents.
  • Assemble all documents needed for a trail.
  • Identify and request missing material.
  • Review documents to ensure procedures are accurate.
  • Record minutes of court proceedings.
  • Transcribe minutes.
  • Administer oath taken by jurors and witnesses.
  • Prepare and maintain docket of scheduled cases.
  • Record witness testimonies.
  • Document court orders and fines.
  • Notify participants about trial details.
  • Arrange and record payments for fees and court costs.
  • Process passports.
  • Swear in new citizens.
  • Manage official documents related to mortgages, marriage licenses and deeds.

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