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Responsible for reviewing, editing, and revising the work of writers. Writes as needed for publications and manages writing staff. Supervises the creation of articles, books, magazines, journals, and other content.

Primary responsibilities

  • Review and revise content written by other writers.
  • Prepare material for publications such as newspapers, books, magazines, or other publications.
  • Review story ideas proposed by staff and freelance writers.
  • Delegate articles to staff writers.
  • Review and edit drafts of books and articles and provide commentary to support revision.
  • Correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
  • Oversee the production of publications.
  • Review proposals for books.
  • Buy publication rights from authors.
  • Hire and supervise writing staff.
  • Plan budgets and negotiate contracts with freelance writers.
  • Check copy for style and readability.
  • Review and approve proofs submitted by composing room prior to publication production.
  • Fact-check articles.
  • Carry out research and confirm sources for writers.
  • Discuss projects with artists, typesetters, layout personnel, marketing directors, and production managers.
  • Arrange page layouts of articles, photographs, and advertising.
  • Help writer compose headlines.
  • Prepare final copy for print.

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  • FCB New York City, NY

    Editor who can work semi-independently in a promotional agency environment with assigned brand teams to enforce quality control across core editorial functions (editing, factchecki...

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