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Send a Job Feed for
All Your Compliance Postings

Postings on job exchanges, distribution to partners
and reporting for compliance.

Too many jobs to post one by one? Save time, send your jobs directly in a Batch Feed File. Standard job posting packages range from 50 up to 1000 jobs. Larger, custom packages are available. A variety of customer-provided feeds are accepted, including the popular XML file. To determine the size, type, and price of your job feed solution, call sales today. Additional services are available by request, including Job Distribution and Job Distribution Reporting.

  • We'll build a Batch Feed for you

    AJE can create a Site Scraping solution to 'scrape' your job site, capture job listings and add them to our job feed and postings on the AJE website.

  • Looking for OFCCP Compliance?

    AJE is here to help you meet your OFCCP Compliance goals. Learn more about OFCCP Compliance and ask us how you can receive a monthly report for free.

  • Advertise Your Brand

    Enhance your company's brand awareness to Job seekers with AJE's new advertising options. We offer an Employer Profile Page, Banners, and Job Scout Ads.