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Issue #24 : Spring 2014

This has been a really busy winter for everyone at AJE. As we worked hard to take care of our increasing list of customers we also rolled out new capabilities and services to ensure that all of our customers are ready for the roll-out of the new OFCCP regulations aimed at improving the job opportunities for veterans and individuals with disabilities. The long awaited regulations announced last fall fundamentally changed the affirmative action program requirements for federal contractors.

Since customers need clarity around these new regulations, a roadmap needed to be prepared to make sure that each of our customers had a personalized game plan when the regulations go live on March 24.

I hosted a webinar with Ahmed Youneis, President of HR Unlimited, to go through the details of the changes and laid out a practical step-by-step implementation plan that can be used by all federal contractors. The webinar was extremely well attended, and described by many as the "most comprehensive and easy to understand" discussion on the topic. It was followed by numerous follow-up question and answer sessions along with creation of more content on the topic and a new resource section on our website.

Next, there was the need for building new capabilities. Our engineers launched an enhanced reporting portal that is accessible to all customers to manage their jobs, outreach information, apply statistics, and show proof of outreach in a singular job posting management system. In addition, our team also launched a newly revamped veteran specific job search site with more personalized user experience and information that are specifically developed to assist veterans find jobs and successfully transition to a civilian workforce.

And then, there was the need for individualized consultations. Our account managers and compliance specialists scheduled one-on-one consulting sessions with hundreds of customers to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the specific requirements that apply to them, and aware of their own responsibilities to make sure of a successful compliance evaluation. Overall feedback of our efforts on that front has been nothing but positive.

Next up for us is to carry these messages and tools to a broader audience in conferences, events and conversations. AJE will be exhibiting at the SWARM conference in Denver next month and then again at the American Association of Affirmative Action (AAAA) annual conference in Nashville in June. I will also be conducting workshops at these events initiating further conversations about Internet outreach and online recruitment with the specific mission of improving employment opportunities for veterans and individuals with disabilities as part of a compliance program. In addition, we continue to organize and speak at local events in different cities and locations.

AJE is a super member of the IAEWS (International Association of Employment Web Sites) where I am also a Board member with the opportunity to define and shape the future of our industry, alongside my peers. Our customers not only expect flawless execution of our service commitments, but also appreciate our leadership in shaping the future of our industry. We have been pioneers in our industry since the days of America's Job Bank program launched by the Department of Labor in 1995.

So, as the new regulations take effect this month, you should know that you can count on AJE to help you every step of the way!

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