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Issue #26: Fall 2014

It has been six months since the OFCCP's Final Rule went into effect. There has been a flurry of activities in many areas to help federal contractors come up to speed with the requirements of these revised regulations. Webinars, conferences, newsletters, blogs abound as resources. In fact, many law firms have also started being actively involved in spreading information regarding the trends in lawsuits and cases that the OFCCP has recently filed.

The NILG was one such venue where many federal contractors had congregated to listen to presenters and the OFCCP enlighten on these laws and the intricacies surrounding them. One theme that was resonant was that affirmative action is still a huge need. Martin Luther King III, who was the keynote speaker elaborated on this need still existing today for soliciting women and minorities in the workforce. Affirmative action is a civil rights policy premised on remedying past discrimination and removing discrimination from the process of recruiting and hiring and proves a commitment to the principle of equality.

Proactive outreach to reach these underprivileged groups is a required part of being a federal contractor. The OFCCP is very interested in true efforts being made and needs qualitative and quantitative data of your outreach. In fact, once hired, how these employees are advancing through the ranks of the company is also of great interest to the OFCCP. Also, if enough of one group of desired candidates have not been hired, the OFCCP would like to know what your adverse impact analysis looks like as this is the solitary means to filling employment related gaps.

At NILG, we were proud to demonstrate our reporting tool to many as a many to document your effective outreach. We have made many enhancements including a outreach recording functionality that helps you document and organize all your outreach efforts in one place.

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Have a Happy Fall!

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