OFCCP Audit Support

OFCCP audits can cause anxiety for federal contractors, as they involve in-depth reviews of every facet of your hiring practices to ensure your organization is in compliance with the stated regulations.

In the event you are audited, AJE’s compliance experts help you navigate the audit process by providing the proper reporting and documentation, coordinating with OFCCP auditors, attorneys and AAP providers, and answering any questions you have along the way.

The AJE compliance team is led by Gary Cowan, former Department of Labor auditor, trainer and director with 25 years of experience and industry knowledge to share. Gary and his team have helped hundreds of our clients pass their audits and achieve peace-of-mind.

How We Support Our Customers

Beginning to end audit support:

  • Coordinate with auditors, attorneys and AAP providers
  • Quick response to audit requests

Audit reports include:

  • Job Summary Reports
  • Job Summary Distribution Reports
  • Individual Job Reports
  • Outreach Reports
  • AAP Summary Reports

Individual reports include:

  • Record of emails sent to local job centers
  • State website posting verification number for every job
  • Screenshots of jobs posted to diversity partner websites

Summary reports include:

  • Complete distribution summary
  • Links to individual reports
  • List of all organizations that receive jobs
All reports and records are retained indefinitely


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AJE Partners

Affirmative Action planning is a critical piece of any OFCCP compliance program. AJE has an exclusive partnership with OutSolve to provide support in this key area.

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