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Job Postings
for OFCCP Compliance

Fulfill your mandatory job listing requirements
with our compliance job postings.

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OFCCP job distribution and reporting now available to purchase online!

Compliance Job Postings are a special type of job advertisements designed to help employers in fulfilling mandatory job listing requirements of the OFCCP for Federal Contractors, while also being an effective tool for talent acquisition. Compliance Job Postings are similar to traditional Job Postings but with many additional features and functionality that make them unique.

The jobs are posted on the AJE website using our online interactive job builder, and indexed to appear in relevant search results by job seekers, who can view the full job descriptions and apply immediately or save for later use. Each job posting remains active and searchable for sixty (60) days from the date of first creation. In addition, Compliance Job Postings are also posted in the targeted job exchange websites within the AJE network such as Veterans Job Exchange, partner websites, job aggregators, AJE Jobs iPhone Mobile App, and AJE Facebook Job Search Page. The postings are broadcast through appropriate Twitter feeds, and job scout emails to subscribers.

Compliance Job Postings are also broadcast to relevant employment delivery systems close to the job location through daily emails, job feeds, and/or interactive posting in the job of the state, as available. Compliance Job Postings are effective tools for attracting inbound applications to the job openings while also being effective in reaching protected groups of interest by the OFCCP as part of outreach and listing compliance.

With Compliance Job Postings, AJE customers also get access to the industry's leading online job distribution and reporting portal with essential tools to manage postings, as well as to obtain distribution data of Compliance Job Postings as proof of outreach for the purpose of any OFCCP compliance audit.

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