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Make Your Job Posting Stand Out

Drive more traffic with premium placement
and job highlighting.

Premium Placement

The Premium Placement feature enables your job posting to be placed above other jobs in relevant search. This is very similar to sponsored results you might see in traditional search engines such as Google, Bing or MSN. With Premium placement your jobs are at the top, and research shows that people tend to click more on the jobs that are placed higher in search results. So, with Premium Placement you can expect to see more views and clicks to your job postings, and hopefully more applies as well. This is a very popular way to promote job postings that can drive great results. Premium Placement can be used as an add-on feature for both standard Job Postings and Compliance Job Postings.

To purchase Premium Placement now, simply click here or call 1–866–923–6284.

Job Highlighting

The Job Highlighting feature is another popular add-on to Job Postings that can be very effective to drive more views and clicks to your Job Postings. With this feature, titles of your job postings are highlighted in bold face font in search results and grab attention over job posting that are shown in regular font. Use Job Highlighting to promote both standard Job Postings and Compliance Job Postings to grab seeker attention.

To purchase Job Highlighting now, simply click here or call 1–866–923–6284.

  • Looking for OFCCP Compliance?

    AJE is here to help you meet your OFCCP Compliance goals. Learn more about OFCCP Compliance and ask us how you can receive a monthly report for free.

  • Find Qualified Candidates, Fast

    Don't wait! Reach out to potential employees when you search using Resume Database Access. Save time when resume scouts email you resumes directly.

  • Advertise Your Brand

    Enhance your company's brand awareness to Job seekers with AJE's new advertising options. We offer an Employer Profile Page, Banners, and Job Scout Ads.