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July 2011

Rathin Sinha
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This month's issue is all about the job search - getting it, keeping it and what to do if you want to leave it.

Are you fortunate to have landed a new job? Your work is not done. You now need to develop a good relationship with your boss. Learn how.

What if you don't like your job? With high unemployment many workers are opting to remain at unfulfilling jobs. If you are currently in this position, there are some strategies you can employ to make your day-to-day a bit more bearable.

For those currently in job search mode, you recognize the time and effort a search campaign involves. But if you have been fired due to a lay-off or other issues, the job search can be a bit more challenging. Understand the steps you should take if this applies to you.

And lastly, what if you have accepted a job offer and then decide to decline? It happens. There are approaches you can take to maintain a professional attitude and image, even under these circumstances. Read how.

Recruiting and Employment News

How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Boss

You've just started a new job. There are many things you need to establish - from learning the day to day requirements to getting to know your co-workers and the layout of the company. One of the most important will be developing a good relationship with your boss... Read More »

You Don't Like Your Job - Now What!

The unemployment rate is high. You dread going into work. What to do? A large percentage of employees in the workforce say they do not like their job. But with a tight job market, many are staying in situations that are less than ideal to their needs. You can always look for a new job, or you can make the best of your current situation in the interim... Read More »

How to Approach Your Job Search If You've Been Fired

Getting fired is always a tough situation, but it doesn't mean that you'll never achieve job success again. Although challenging, if you approach your job search after a termination strategically you can get back work... Read More »

When to Turn Down a Job Offer

It may sound counter-intuitive in a down job market, but there are instances when it is best to turn down a job offer. This can be a result of many factors, including the job not being a good fit, the responsibilities are not ideal to your career goals and more... Read More »

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