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August 2011

Rathin Sinha
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From the best approach to take to secure a job in the summer, finding a position that suits your personality, to embarking on one of the toughest parts of any job - resigning, our experts have all the bases covered when it comes to tackling major job issues.

Let's begin with what many of you may be experiencing right now - how to tackle your job search during the doldrums of summer. You may be tempted to put a halt on your plans. This is a mistake. Our article Should You Slow Down your Job Search in the Summer, outlines why this time of year can actually be one of the most beneficial.

Speaking of finding your ideal job, how important is it to find one that fits your personality? Very, say our experts. While many job seekers are prone to accept any job offer in a tight economy, our experts suggest you do some self assessment before you say "yes."

Like every aspect of the job search, there is always a right and wrong way to approach it, even when it comes to resigning. Read why.

And lastly, this month we celebrate Women's Equality Day, which commemorates the 19th Amendment of the Constitution - or a woman's right to vote. Read our article which outlines the strides women have made in the workforce.

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History of Women and Equality

History of Women and Equality

Women's Equality Day, the 19th Amendment (which guaranteed a woman's right to vote), and the Equal Pay Act are all early steps that have led to shaping gender equality in today's work force. In recognition of Women's Equality Day, the recruiting experts at America's Job Exchange take a look at the history of women and work... Read More »

Should You Slow Down Your Job Search in the Summer?

Should You Slow Down Your Job Search in the Summer?

The air is warm, the grass is green and the sun is shining, but you may inevitably still find yourself among the ranks of the unemployed. What most job seekers do not realize, however, is that the summer months are actually a vital time to commit to your job search... Read More »

Why Finding the Right Job Fit is So Important

Why Finding the Right Job Fit is So Important

What is the "perfect job?" Unfortunately, it doesn't exist. This is not an alarmingly pessimistic point of view, but rather a real one. Every man and woman in the work force has different strengths, weaknesses... Read More »

How to Leave a Job Gracefully  I Quit

How to Leave a Job Gracefully - I Quit

While everyone has a "Jerry Maguire" fantasy of walking out of the office with flare, you should always approach every aspect of work with professionalism. The way you approach quitting a job can impact your career, so you need to be careful... Read More »

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