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April 2012

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Compliance takes on many forms, and in this month’s issue we address all areas from organizational dynamics and its impact on Affirmative Action planning to why it may be important to consider implementing a company–wide dress code.

In Balancing Compliance with Organizational Dynamics we look at organizational behavior across the entire enterprise, from business strategies and operational procedures to employees. We outline why employers need to build a strategy that is inclusive of all of these elements, and how incorporating them will help you meet OFCCP compliance regulations and drive organizational success.

If you are in the process of building an enterprise–wide organizational plan that includes diversity initiatives, understanding the elements of Affirmative Action policies is crucial. In our articles Who Needs a Written Affirmative Action Plan and What is Affirmative Action we detail these policies and explain why employers need to embark on affirmative action planning as part of organizational development.

In keeping with compliance and organizational planning, we endeavor to answer another important question: Are Dress Codes Important? While there are no federal mandates for them other than those concerning gender or religious discrimination, there are benefits to implementing dress codes. From setting clear expectations to presenting your company in the best light, this article outlines why even in today’s casual work environment, what you wear is still very important.

Finally, complying with technology advancements can mean the difference between success and failure. In How Tech–advanced is Your Business we explore how keeping up with technology is a must for those businesses who want to communicate effectively – and efficiently – with both internal and external audiences.

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Recruiting and Employment Resources

Who Needs a Written Affirmative Action Plan?

Who Needs a Written Affirmative Action Plan?

In general, employers who conduct business with the federal government need to develop an affirmative action plan. There are other circumstances where employers develop AAP plans outside of federal contractors. This could be the result of a court order to remedy past discrimination or as a voluntary measure. For purposes of this article we’ll focus on federal contractors and their affirmative action needs...Read More »

Balancing Compliance with Organizational Dynamics

Balancing Compliance with Organizational Dynamics

The dynamics of an organization are defined by its behavior, from its business strategies, operational procedures, to its employees. With this in mind, designing a compliance strategy is larger than simply hiring diversity candidates so that you meet OFCCP compliance regulations...Read More »

How Tech-advanced is Your Business?

How Tech–advanced is Your Business?

No business today can thrive - much less survive - without technology. Regardless of the size, scope or overall make-up of your company, communications, specifically as it relates to technology, is essential to succeed in today’s economy. And with countless technology tools readily available, businesses are now able to reach broader...Read More »

What is Affirmative Action?

What is Affirmative Action?

Affirmative action is a set of policies that were enacted to promote equal opportunity to ensure under–represented groups – in particular minorities – were equally represented, thereby addressing discrimination. The phrase "Affirmative Action" was coined by President John F. Kennedy, when he enacted Executive Order 10925 in...Read More »

Are dress codes important?

Are Dress Codes Important?

While there are no federal requirements for office dress codes, other than those concerning gender or religious discrimination, most companies have some policy concerning appropriate workplace attire. Whether your business requires professional dress, you promote a casual work environment, or your business dictates a standard uniform, there are several benefits to consider...
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AJE Recaps an Eventful SWARM Conference in San Antonio, TX

AJE Recaps an Eventful SWARM Conference in San Antonio, TX

The America’s Job Exchange team is back from the road, having attended the SWARM Conference in San Antonio April 10–13 (as well as the AILG Conference in Phoenix on April 17 – more on AILG in a future post). We savor every opportunity to meet face–to–face with our clients, learn first–hand about employer’s recruiting and compliance challenges, and understand how AJE can better serve them as a partner. SWARM proved to be an exciting conference for all of these reasons and more...
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