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December 2012

Rathin Sinha
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With the holiday season upon us, you may be overstressed and pressed for time. An increased workload if your company is dependent on seasonal sales or in the midst of fiscal 2013 planning, not to mention family commitments, are just a few reasons why you may be frazzled this time of year. This month we take a look at time management strategies that can help reduce your stress.

First, how should you decide what’s important when everything has an "ASAP" designation? Read our article How Do You Decide what is a Priority When Everything is Important? Like most everything we suggest, it begins with planning; easy tactics like creating a "to do" list each day where the only priorities on your list are just that – priorities. And if you’re the type of person who has to do everything themselves, now’s the time to start delegating – you’ll get more done at work; leaving more free time to focus on your holiday needs.

So what if you’ve started to employ the strategies above and everything still seems so important? It’s time to read Important or Urgent Tasks – How Do You Decide? This article will further help distinguish those tasks that are an absolute "must" from those that can be relegated to another day. First rule of thumb – urgent tasks have immediate deadlines, period. If you use this approach – as well as the others we suggest, you will be less inclined to blur the lines between important and priority projects, ensuring that you meet deadlines without undue stress.

Lastly, be sure to read Advantages of Being Flexible in the Workplace. Things such as telecommuting and new technologies have certainly made it easier to be more readily available – inside and outside of work. While this may seem to infringe on work–life balance, you can actually use it to your advantage. No longer are we tethered to our offices or computers, being able to access work anywhere at any time. Use this flexibility to your advantage – read how.

We hope these articles help you have a more productive and stress–free holiday. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays.

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How Do you Decide What is a Priority When Everything is Important?

How Do you Decide What is a Priority When Everything is Important?

Is everything really that important? Sometimes it may feel that way when weighed down with both work and family life. The hardest part when this happens is to determine what is the real priority, and what tasks can be relegated to a later time. Unfortunately, when you reach a point where everything seems like a fire drill, this is usually when you may already feel overwhelmed... Read More »

Important or Urgent Tasks – How Do You Decide?

Important or Urgent Tasks – How Do You Decide?

Many employees – regardless of what field they work in – are faced daily with tasks that require immediate attention. But when you are saddled with multiple deadlines at work, how do you decide between those that are urgent; where not meeting deadlines may impact the business – and ultimately your success at work, from those that may be a priority, but do not require immediate attention... Read More »

Advantages of Being Flexible in the Workplace

Advantages of Being Flexible in the Workplace

Flexibility at work is a necessity for employees and employers, alike. Streamlined workforces, shifts in technology and a changing market are just a few reasons why flexibility is the new norm for many organizations. While your company may not have a formal set of rules for a flexible workplace, there are many advantages to be gained by taking on a flexible attitude – and approach, when it comes to your job...Read More »

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