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September 2011

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The summer is over and with September upon us, we all have a tendency to get into a "back to work" mentality. And with the coming and going of Labor Day, a holiday that celebrates workers in America, what better time to focus on diversity hiring?

We begin this month with Diversity Recruitment Strategies. If you are looking to diversify your work force, this article is a must read; outlining strategies you can employ to attract and encourage workplace inclusion.

Why is diversity hiring so important and why focus hiring resources and dollars on job seekers, such as veterans or older workers? Valuing diversity accomplishes many goals, from meeting EEO requirements to creating a culture that mirrors our global marketplace. Our article, Prevent Discrimination and Value Diversity outlines why developing a diversity recruitment strategy is critical to business planning today.

September also has us observing Grandparent's Day, a good time to look further into diversity recruiting and the aging workforce. Older workers play a vital role, and even though the unemployment rates for this sector may be slightly lower than their younger counterparts; as many as 40% of boomers (AARP) say they intend to remain in the labor force well past retirement. These job seekers will abound and our article, Hiring Older Workers outlines why you should continue to consider senior hiring.

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Recruiting and Employment Resources

Diversity Recruitment Strategies

Diversity Recruitment Strategies

When looking to develop and employ a recruitment strategy, the best approach is a multi-pronged one which also includes diversity hiring, say our recruiting experts...Read More »

Prevent Discrimination and Value Diversity

Prevent Discrimination and Value Diversity

Diversity recruiting for some may be a business practice simply targeted to meeting equal opportunity employment regulations (EEO). Valuing diversity in the workplace; however, should be larger than complying with diversity hiring mandates...Read More »

Hiring Older Workers

Hiring Older Workers

Unemployment rates for older workers - classified as job seekers 55 years and older - have increased since the recession. And persons in this sector can expect to be unemployed for approximately 39 weeks; much longer than their younger counterparts...Read More »

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We are pleased to announce the release of enhancements to the America's Job Exchange Reporting Portal. Customers asked and we listened! Now when you view your job distribution report you will be able to click a link to see the "Details" of each One-Stop office your job was distributed to and a list of the individuals within that office that got a copy of the job email...Read More »

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