Gas Processing Plant Operator Job Description


Responsible for overseeing and operating equipment that processes gas for utility companies. Controls compressors, heat exchanges, and purifying towers to liquefy, compress, or regasify natural gas.

Primary responsibilities

  • Operate compressors, scrubbers, and evaporators to liquify or compress gas.
  • Prepare and process gas for utility companies.
  • Process gas for industrial use.
  • Calculate gas ratios.
  • Detect abnormal specifications.
  • Test oxygen for moisture content and purity.
  • Regasify natural gas using compressors, scrubbers, and refrigeration equipment.
  • Read and record gauge readings.
  • Read and record temperature, pressure, level, and flow.
  • Optimize and adjust temperature, pressure, vacuum, level, flow rate, or transfer of gas.
  • Test oxygen for purity.
  • Extract nitrogen from air using fractioning columns, purifying towers, and heat exchangers.
  • Shutdown and start-up plant equipment.
  • Operate treating plants, chilled water gas conditioning skids, reciprocating natural gas compressors, TEG dehydrators, fluid separation equipment, valves, and gas measurement equipment.
  • De-pressure equipment and pipelines.
  • Respond appropriately to emergencies.
  • Remove and replace filters, oil, chemicals, and other lubricating fluids.
  • Remove and replace valves and gaskets.
  • Repair reciprocating natural gas compressors, TEG dehydrators, fluid separation equipment, and valves.

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