America's Job Exchange continues the legacy of America's Job Bank, a pioneer in online recruitment. Started in 1995 by the Department of Labor, America's Job Bank offered online search capabilities to help Americans find jobs. It continued to introduce innovative functionalities like resume posting, interactive posting, and career-related content to help prepare job seekers to find a job. By 2000 it had become one of the largest employment sites in the US. The Department of Labor gradually slowed down the program after its peak in 2004, and fully retired the Job Bank during the summer of 2007.

America's Job Bank was developed by Applied Theory Corp. and supported by NaviSite, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise hosting and application solutions that acquired Applied Theory in 2004. After America's Job Bank was retired, NaviSite launched America's Job Exchange to continue the Job Bank's legacy of superior service to job seekers and employers. Within 90 days of launch, AJE had more than a million visitors and a half-million job posts. To keep true to the legacy of America's Job Bank, AJE continued relationships with several states and consortiums by creating and maintaining state career sites, as well as helping federal contractors try to meet their web specific OFCCP distribution requirements.

America's Job Exchange is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts.


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  • America's Job Exchange celebrates its 5th anniversary on the Independence Day. In 2007, America's Job Exchange was launched on the 4th of July as a private sector effort to continue the legacy of the Job Bank to connect employers, job seekers and partners together.

  • America's Job Exchange enhances the company's OFCCP Compliance for Recruitment reporting portal, adding Candidate Source to what is already the industry's most comprehensive reporting view into OFCCP compliance activities.


  • America's Job Exchange begins sharing job listings via Facebook and Twitter, further syndicating employers' job postings and providing job seekers with direct access to AJE-hosted employment opportunities on the most popular and widely used social media channels.

  • America's Job Exchange launches the OFCCP Compliance for Recruitment reporting portal, which provides a comprehensive view into all of the activities associated with a job listing, and access to the most pertinent data including job description, distribution details, date and time stamps, delivery confirmations, and exchange details.

  • America's Job Exchange makes a significant investment by redesigning and re-architecting its technology platform to complete its transformation as a new generation job search website.


  • America's Job Exchange reached accelerated growth, registering triple digit annual compounded growth in revenue and achieving profitability.

  • America's Job Exchange launched a completely redesigned Employer section, commencing the launch of its new brand, simplifying purchase and usage flows and expanding its portfolio of products and services for employers.


  • The America's Job Exchange network was developed through industry-wide partnerships to help employers reach key demographics in a targeted fashion within various niche audiences.

  • America's Job Exchange added new Career and State exchanges to the site, including Diversity, Disability, Senior and College exchanges, where in many cases, Employers jobs are also being distributed to the websites of the sponsoring partners - View our growing partner network now.

  • America's Job Exchange has grown to become the market leader in diversity focused Job postings and OFCCP compliance related service offerings for thousands of small and medium businesses and hundreds of large organizations, partnering with leading media and technology companies, ATS providers, recruitment service providers and Job sites.


  • America's Job Exchange introduced new products and services to help employers hire, comply and develop diversity branding, including Post-a-Job, interactive and batch Job Posting services, Resume Search products, and Job Distribution and Reporting services for OFCCP compliance assistance.

  • America's Job Exchange rapidly grew into a leading job site for job seekers looking for low to medium income, white collar jobs with a large diversity audience, including Veteran, Disability, Senior, Minority and Women job seekers.

2006 - 2007

  • In 2006, the Department of Labor announced plans to retire the America's Job Bank program, citing funding shortage.

  • America's Job Bank was shut down on June 30, 2007, and America's Job Exchange was launched on July 4th as a private sector effort to continue the legacy of the Job Bank to connect employers, job seekers and partners together.

2000 - 2005

  • From 2000-2004, America's Job Bank became one of the top career management sites in the nation, reaching 2.7 million job postings and 2 million resumes.

  • In 2004, as the career management market became fully developed with several commercial sites, the Department of Labor reduced funding to America's Job Bank and enhancements were slowed down.

1995 - 1999

  • Applied Theory Corp (now part of NaviSite) launched America's Job Bank, pioneering an interactive job posting technology to help employers submit job postings directly to the site.

  • Interactive functionalities including a resume builder and an online job application process enabling job seekers to post and save their resumes and apply to jobs online.