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Alternate Contract Manager / PM 8/28/2016

Cape Fox Federal Integrators WASHINGTON, DC

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This position is contingent upon award.
The Alternate Contract Manager is responsible for
relationship management at the operational level for
assigned government program. The Alternate Contract
Manager manages the performance under this contract to
ensure all the necessary technical, business, and
administrative planning; organizing; coordinating; and
tracking (e.g., cost, schedule, deliverables),
performance management, risk management, component
procurement management, resource management, data
management, and subcontract management required to
perform all the activities successfully as required in
the Scope of Work.
The Alternate Contract Manager is the primary point of
contact for work to be performed under the contract and
shall keep the project lead informed of any potential
problems and make recommendations for solutions. The
Alternate Contract Manager shall ensure that assignments
are completed in a thorough and timely manner and
prepare written documentation of accomplishments. The
mission is to manage relationships, determine business
opportunities, align availability resources and
facilitate issue resolution with government agencies.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities
Must have the ability to maintain confidentiality
Must have good analytical skills
The ability to interface with all levels of management
is required
Must have the ability to successfully organize and track
data collected through QA efforts
Collaborative and directive leadership skills
Ability to perform and monitor control issues and
Expert oral and written communication skills
Strong organizational abilities with an ability to
develop and establish record and file keeping procedures
Effective negotiating and influencing skills to achieve
effective and timely results while fostering a spirit of
Demonstrates proficiency on all Microsoft Office
applications as well as the ability to quickly learn and
utilize various corporate or computer based applications
as required
Ability to multi-task daily and project driven
Must have the ability to successfully organize and track
data collected through QA efforts
Manage program operations to include revenue,
profitability, growth, staffing and quality performance
Ensure all requirements are met in a timely manner and
within budget, overall program/project plan, and
Manage subcontractors and third party vendors
Assure quality performance, positive customer
satisfaction, and continuous process improvement
Provide technical and management direction and
Oversee program and project personnel
One (1) or more years of experience working in / with
the Defense Foreign Language Program
Valid driver's license (civilian and military)
Must have authorization to work in the United States as
defined by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986
Cape Fox Corporation, its subsidiaries, and joint
ventures will provide equal employment opportunities to
all persons and prohibits employment decisions on the
basis of race, religion, color, creed, national origin,
sex, age, disabling condition, political affiliation,
protected veterans status, or sexual orientation. Cape
Fox Corporation, its subsidiaries and joint ventures
offer preference to Cape Fox Corporation shareholders,
descendants and other Native Americans pursuant to
Public Law 100-241.