Armament/EPASS Acquisition Program Management Professional, Senior, (D23)

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POST DATE 8/11/2016
END DATE 11/24/2016

Odyssey Eglin Afb, FL

Eglin Afb, FL
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Job Code: #3590
Title: Armament/EPASS Acquisition Program Management Professional, Senior, (D23)
Date Posted: 08/08/2016
Job Location: Eglin AFB Florida

Job Description:

TITLE: Acquisition Program Management Professional
DATE POSTED: 08/08/2016
JOB LOCATION: Fort Walton Beach, Eglin AFB Florida



Provide resources with knowledge and experience in planning, evaluating, documenting and implementing program acquisition strategies and Milestone documentation.

This position is located in AFLCMC/EBD, Direct Attack Division which consists of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), BLU-120, Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF), Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze (HTVSF), Medium Caliber Ammo and Foreign Military Sales of multiple assets and a number of other US and FMS air-to-ground munitions and supporting systems all in various acquisition phases. Their mission is to advance combat capability through life cycle management of direct attack systems and enterprise-level air armament mission planning capabilities; integrate existing standard munitions and launch platforms and integrate with C4I capabilities.


Acquisition Program Management Products. Develop Business Case Analyses (in accordance with AFI 65-509 and AFMAN 65-510, or tailored), Trade Studies, any/all DoDI 5000.02 acquisition milestone documents and briefings (including 2366a/b certification), program assessments, Analyses of Alternatives (AoA) Study Guidance, Study Plans and Reports, programmatic integrated master schedules (IMS), Market Research Reports, Early Strategy and Issues Sessions (ESIS), Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP) briefings, and other acquisition program management studies and analysis as required.

Program Office Draft Contract Source Selection Products. Provide draft RFPs including systems specs, System Requirements Documents (SRDs), Statement Of Objectives (SOOs), Statement Of Works (SOWs), and CDRLs, and other Requests For Proposal (RFP) products. Develop and conduct source selection simulations and Cost Benefit assessments to determine optimal capability and strategy to acquire intended weapon system. Develop Mock Proposal(s), conduct RFP risk assessments and deliver training modules.

Financial Management Products. Develop Program Office Estimates, financial and research reports, and other financial management studies, analysis, and reports as required.

Logistics and Support Management Products. Develop logistics planning documents to include, but not limited to Life Cycle Sustainment Plans (LCSPs), weapon system delivery and deployment plans (integrated and optimized across DSM production and delivery schedules and SPM/Depot induction/modification plans and schedules), Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs), Product Support Business Case Analyses, Depot Source of Repair (DSOR)/Source of Repair Assignment (SORA) packages, and Diminishing Manufacturing Sources plans, including research and identification of alternative components where required. Employ supply chain, program dashboards and other state of the art data analysis to ensure necessary level of asset visibility. Provide other logistics studies, analyses, and reports as required.

Engineering Products. Develop munition or subsystem proposal technical trade studies and other documentation for integration, upgrade, and modification efforts. Additionally, aircraft integration will be included. Provide independent analysis of system readiness for production and risk management. Provide other engineering studies, analyses, and other engineering studies, analyses, and reports as required.

Test and Evaluation Products. Develop Test and Evaluation Strategies (TES); Integrated Test Team (ITT) Charters; Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs); and other unique T&E products as needed. Provide other T&E studies, analysis, and reports as required.

JCIDS Products. Develop Capability Based Assessments (CBAs), Initial Capabilities Documents (ICDs), Capability Development Documents (CDDs), and Capability Production Documents (CPDs), along with associated risk assessments, briefings and coordination/staffing documentation. Contractor will maintain Requirements Traceability, and develop required reports and analyses to facilitate updates to existing CDDs, and CPDs as required by senior Government decision makers. Employ CBA data visualization and editing tools to aid in the efficiency of gap analysis in CBA development, generating JCIDS products, and provide a persistent data model that will reduce the need to re-create data across multiple program documents, and will feed requirements documentation, allocation, and tracking tools such as Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS). Such tools will enable near-real-time, integrated response to MAJCOM changes and inputs. Provide other JCIDS and requirements related studies, analysis, and reports as required.

DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Products. Develop Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) documentation, Information Support Plans (ISPs), Information Assurance Support Plans (IASPs), Program Protection Plans (PPPs), and any/all related DoDAF 2.2 (or later) architecture views. Provide training on DoDAF policy, processes, procedures, and tools. Provide other architecture studies, analysis, and reports as required.

Enterprise Integration Products. Develop organizational analyses, benchmarking, and communications plans. Facilitate organizational off-sites and provide automated brainstorming and decision-making tools, and their resultant reports. Develop, tailor, and deliver dash-boarding capabilities to aid in Government decision-making and enterprise management. Lead strategic alignment exercises within localized organizations (e.g. IPTs) and across enterprises. Use manpower tools to conduct what-if organizational analysis in order to optimally align manpower across existing and emerging programs. Employ task-to-manpower organizational modeling tools and deliver the resultant output in report format for use in manpower assessment, process flow, planning, and optimization. Provide other enterprise integration studies, analysis, and reports as required.

Developmental Planning Products. Develop developmental planning products, reports, briefings, analyses assessing status, maturity and applicability to AFLCMC/EB systems of Government laboratory and industry technology development efforts. Applicability assessments will be performed using warfighter concept of operations (CONOPS) defining potential weapon system future operations and/or needs. Develop draft CONOPS and technology assessments to facilitate warfighter consideration of future capabilities. Develop and deliver reports integrating technology assessments with warfighter CONOPS, identifying potential acquisition program opportunities, parameters and nominal schedules for use in planning, programming and budgeting activities. Provide other developmental planning studies, analysis, and reports as required.

Surge Support & Rapid Response/Rapid Delivery. Contractor will provide extensive reach-back support across all functional disciplines to enable any PEO/EB portfolio program, to develop any and all required products at an extremely accelerated pace to support short-notice program direction where organic resources are either not yet on-board, or are insufficient to handle sudden increases in workload volume.

Source Selection Support.

All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or status as a Vietnam era or special disabled veteran.

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