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POST DATE 8/13/2016
END DATE 12/16/2016

Atlas Copco Secoroc Ft. Louden Ft Loudon, PA

Ft Loudon, PA
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Follow blueprints and other written and verbal specifications. Able to assemble product as required for customer orders. Operates production line equipment of a level of complexity requiring the specified training of assembling products, units, machines,
equipment and/or subassemblies. Installs moving parts, such as shafts, levers or bearings and works them to test free movement. May test or assist in testing operation of completed product. Able to operate forklift. Attach and align machine parts such
as rollers, guides, brushes, and blades, using hand tools Attach hoses or nozzles to machines, using wrenches and pliers, and make adjustments to obtain the proper dispersion of spray Clean machines, related equipment, and work areas, using water, solvents
and other cleaning aids Determine paint flow, viscosity, and coating quality by performing visual inspections, or by using viscometers Fill hoppers, reservoirs, troughs, or pans with material used to coat, paint, or spray, using conveyors or pails. Hold
or position spray guns to direct spray onto articles Operate auxiliary machines or equipment used in coating or painting processes Paint small items and perform touch-up painting, using paint brushes Place items or products on feed-racks, spindles, or reel
strands to coat, paint, or spray them, using hands, hoists, or truck-lifts Prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals, or other decorative items to finished products Select appropriate coatings, paints, or sprays, or prepare them by mixing substances
according to formulas, using automated paint mixing equipment Set up and operate machines to paint or coat products with such materials as silver and copper solution, rubber, paint, glaze, oil, or rustproofing materials Prepare product for shipment with
proper components, packaging and labeling taken from information pick lists. Monitor supplies necessary to package and ship product from our location. Re-stock supplies in proper location upon receipt from vendors. Practice the safety guidelines for
lifting and handling product. Ideal candidate should be reliable, self motivated and a team player. Able to cross-train in other areas within the department Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Will be required to perform other duties as requested, directed
or assigned