END DATE October 21, 2016

Cleanroom Technician (

PerkinElmer - HOPKINTON, MA

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Job Description

Responsibility for performing functions in a cleanroom
associated with all Microfluidic chip manufacturing
operations in a high volume fast past environment, the
ideal candidate must be able to accomplish assignments
that are routine in nature where limited judgment is
Duties and Responsibilities:
* Work in a high volume Microfluidic fabrication lab
* Operates workstation activities in a wafer
manufacturing or test area devoted to both
production and process development. Processes
include -lithography, wet benches, pick and
place, epoxy dispense, UV curing, packaging,
dicing, drilling, test equipment and substrate
* Performs production processes in accordance with
documented specifications and production
* You could handle chemicals on daily basis
including Hydrofluoric Acid. Use of safety
attire is required and will include use of
safety glasses, face shield, apron and gloves.
* Must have ability to use a microscope
* Work in a Class 100 & 1000 environment which
will require use of full cleanroom attire
* Adhere to all safety and clean room
* Interacts with other team members toward the
solution of problems and the fulfillment of
manufacturing objectives, and participate in natural
work group teams for continuous improvement.
* Performs other duties as assigned.
* High school diploma or equivalent, industry
experience a plus.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
* Ability to communicate effectively in a group as
well as on an individual level.
* Ability to work cooperatively as part of a team with
people of various educational and technical
* Must have the ability to read and interpret
specifications, procedures, and mathematics.
* Requires the ability to read and write English
* Requires computer skills and familiarity with
Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel.
* Must be familiar with basic laboratory safety and
cleanroom protocol.
Physical Requirements (if applicable):
* Ability to work in a Class 100 clean room
* Ability to wear the full clean room suit covered
from head to toe
* Ability to stand and/or walk for up to 4 hours at a
* Ability to lift up to 10lbs and push/pull up to 20