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END DATE March 29, 2012

Customer Service Representative - PT

Kentucky Career Center - Ft Wright, KY

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Job Description

The Customer Service Representative will be directly involved with SD1s customers both on the telephone and in person. The primary role of this position will involve telephone contact with customers on any issue relating to their sanitary or storm water account. In addition, this position will include working at the front counter handling customer bill payments or account inquiries and coordinating the visitor log as guests enter and leave the building. Customer inquiries may lead to the necessity to make account changes and to provide other maintenance to a customer account. The position will also include other varied duties as needed, such as return mail processing, special meter billings, account adjustment entry, water turn-off processing, or other duties as needed or assigned within the department.
Duties Include:
- Assure that all customers are treated in a polite and professional manner.
- Answer customer calls in a quick, responsive manner when assigned to telephone duty.
- Provide exceptional service to customers or visitors coming to the front counter.
- Handle cash and credit card transactions accurately and conduct a daily audit and balance procedure on the cash tray and the transactions completed during a day.
- Assist other Customer Service Representatives with their duties as needed.
- Support SD1s culture by offering positive encouragement and interaction with other staff members and by displaying a positive, supportive attitude in all situations.
- Maintain open dialogue with the Water Districts and maintain a friendly and professional relationship.
- Assist the Customer Service Manager as needed.
Customer Service Representatives must exhibit a positive, encouraging attitude that will allow for effective, responsible and courteous customer service. This attitude must be maintained when working with all customers, including those that may be irate or discourteous. The ability to respond to all customer issues that arise relating to sanitary sewer, storm water issues or other SD1 related issues. Computer skills that include experience with Word and Excel would be valuable. Prior customer service experience would be valuable. This position will require interaction with other Account Service staff members and will require strong interpersonal skills. A strong work ethic, the ability to successfully complete work on multiple tasks and the ability to make independent calculations and decisions are expected for this position.

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