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Dietitian, Per Diem

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POST DATE 8/12/2016
END DATE 2/19/2017

University of California - Los Angeles Medical Centers Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA
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Part Time
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Entry Level (0 - 2 years)


Job Title:
Dietitian, Per Diem

UCLA Title:
Dietitian PD

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Work Hours:
M-F; 8-5 p.m.

Work Location:
604 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA

Job Type:
Per Diem


Minimum Salary:
$38.14 / $6636

Maximum Salary:
$44.49 / $7741

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This position is responsible for providing content area expertise in the areas of Child Nutrition according to Head Start Performance Standards 1304.23. This position is also responsible for prenatal nutrition. This position consults with staff and families about best practices in breast feeding, infant and toddler nutrition, prenatal and family nutrition. This position works closely with the Health Services Manager for meal service at play groups and family child care, trainings for parents and staff, and meeting federal guidelines.
Must maintain confidentiality. Use discretion with matters of families and program as appropriate. (Any misuse of confidential information may be basis for disciplinary action.) Communication techniques and expectations: Model effective communication, Use appropriate channels and staff to problem-solve and refer families, Meet problem situations with understanding and diplomacy, Use a professional attitude and approach to working with parents, co-workers and community volunteers. and participate and promote a positive working relationship with all staff and Early Head Start families.
Be familiar with and adhere to Children First Early Head Start Program Policies and Procedures. Cooperate with co-workers and respect their opinions and contributions. Share materials and ideas readily with co-workers. Has shared responsibility for the following areas in the Head Start Performance Standards: Child Nutrition, Identification of Nutritional needs, Nutritional Services, Meal Service and Family Assistance with Nutrition. Provide content area expertise for development of policies and procedures for the nutrition services plan included in the program health plan in alignment with federal performance standards. Assist in developing, implementing and monitoring a system for the following: identification of nutritional needs for each child; ensuring and documenting/tracking that nutritional intervention has been provided and facilitated for children and families with nutritional problems or concerns. Conduct monthly on-site visits to ensure that food is prepared in a safe and sanitary manner and that Head Start and USDA requirements are being met (including: family style meal service, all meal components are being provided and children are involved in the meal service). Conduct monthly on-site visits to ensure that the program is promoting effective oral health hygiene after meals or snacks according to federal performance standards. Stay current on best practices in infant, toddler, and prenatal nutrition; breastfeeding; oral health, hygiene practices (food safety and service); and physical activity. Obtain and maintain current ServSafe certification. Review, evaluate, and interpret children's health records to help determine children's nutritional status. Ensure that children have current lab results on file as appropriate for age. Maintain current list of enrolled children with high lead levels or low hemoglobin results and work closely with education staff to ensure that needed follow up takes place in a timely manner. Create cycle menu for home-based group socializations that are age appropriate and follow Head Start performance Standards. Ensure that parent input is included in the menu planning process, per federal performance standards.

Review menus from contracted Family Childcare Providers to ensure both USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program and Head Start Performance Standards are met by the meals and snacks served. The menus will be signed and dated. Maintain current list of enrolled children with known or suspected food allergies including what accommodations are needed. Ensure that updated lists are posted at each site (home-based group socializations & contracted family childcares). Modify menus as needed to ensure that the individual nutritional needs of each child are met by meals and snacks according to federal performance standards. Purchase food weekly for home-based group socializations. Work closely with the home visitor with playgroup responsibilities in planning for amounts. Maintain an up to date inventory of perishable and non-perishable food at group socializations, including formula and baby food. Ensure that formula is provided and that both formula and breast milk are stored and handled appropriately at all sites. Work with the home visitor with playgroup responsibilities and contracted family childcare providers to plan for food experiences at least 3x/year. Ensure that the program is gathering information about community nutrition needs (usually on the parent survey and at Health Services Advisory Committee). Integrate information gathered into program planning and training needs. Work with members of the management team and the Health Services Advisory Committee to formulate the nutrition sections of the program's work plans as well as nutrition related policy and procedure development. Act as a collaborative liaison for the program with other community food and nutrition agencies. Work with the Early Childhood team to ensure that relevant nutrition activities are part of the curriculum.
Ensure that program is distributing appropriate nutrition information with program families (through subscribed nutrition newsletters or magazines) according to federal performance standards. Counsel families, individually or in groups, regarding the specific nutritional needs of their children. Support enrolled pregnant women by reviewing completed nutrition assessments and conducting two week visits for babies born into the program as needed. Provide input regarding the ordering of materials and supplies related to nutrition. Monitor that the program conducts business with only licensed food vendors/caterers that are in compliance with federal, local, state and migrant food sanitation and safety laws and licenses are current and posted.
Training: Responsible for providing, or arranging, training for program staff annually (or more often as needed) in the following areas in alignment with federal performance standards: in infant, toddler, and prenatal nutrition; breastfeeding; oral health, hygiene practices (food safety and service); and physical activity. Makes recommendations for other training needs as appropriate to meet program goals and objectives based on working with Children First Early Head Start staff and families. Designs and develops in-service training for education staff-Home Visitors, Child Care Education Manager, Family Advocate, and/or contracted Family Childcare Providers- depending on the specific family situation and Head Start Performance Standards. Provide ongoing training around nutrition policies and procedures. Train education staff on how to work with families and identify nutritional needs. Train staff, volunteers, and family childcare providers to ensure food is being served in a safe and sanitary manner. Organize parent trainings on specific nutrition topics as needed. Ensure that parents are receiving information on eating healthy on a budget, per federal performance standards, either through training or resources given. This is a 45% per diem indefinite position.


Knowledge of prenatal and infant/toddler community health and nutrition; Knowledge of public health and related programs in the community. All necessary skills in the operation and maintenance of instruments and equipment used in performing any required procedures. Ability to recognize problem areas in health, nutrition, and development. Ability to relate well and maintain