Director, Consumables Business Unit

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POST DATE 8/31/2016
END DATE 12/19/2016

Mopec Oak Park, MI

Oak Park, MI
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Mopec's core business is developing, building and manufacturing custom capital equipment for the above-mentioned industries. This is a highly specialized business that relies on product innovation, custom manufacturing and strong customer relationships. Providing related consumables to meet ad hoc customer needs is a capability that has evolved over time and now represents over $3.0 million in annual sales. Mopec looks to significantly expand this consumables business, which has become the fastest growing and most profitable segment of the company.

To that end, Mopec is establishing a strategic Consumables Business Unit. This Director-level position represents a new role within the company and will report directly to the CEO. Mopec seeks a hands-on, motivated, entrepreneurial, experienced professional with broad-based business skills and acumen who is capable of taking ownership of this important business unit and providing the leadership necessary to grow the opportunity to its full potential. The successful candidate will be given the autonomy and responsibility for developing, managing and executing a clearly defined strategy that meets the goals and objectives of senior management and the board of directors.


- SITUATION ANALYSIS - Fully assess the current situation. Specifically, gain a thorough understanding of the current state of the business in terms of existing customers, range of product offerings, overall fit with target markets' needs and requirements, and position within the competitive environment. As well, thoroughly understand the process by which the business functions today - including product sourcing, ordering, inventory management, order taking and processing, handling and shipping. Additionally, understand the current state of and process for product innovation. Finally, develop a comprehensive understanding of the detailed financials for the business unit, including all internal costs for the business unit as organized today. From there Mopec is looking for innovation in the categories described below.

- CUSTOMER RESEARCH - Design and implement a process for understanding target market needs and requirements for consumables products. Identify specifically what is required to grow existing customers' business and gain new customers - in terms of product, pricing, information, ease of purchase, customer service, communications, etc.

- OVERALL STRATEGY - Based on the above research and analyses, develop a big picture strategy for growing Mopec's consumables business within the context of its core business, existing and potential customers, and desired competitive position in the market place. Clearly articulate the vision for the Consumables Business Unit and generate passion for this vision across all internal team members and stakeholders. Work closely with senior management to ensure that every aspect of strategic initiatives and tactics implemented are consistent with and in support of this vision and strategy.

- COMPETITIVE POSITION - Identify specific initiatives to improve Mopec's relative competitive positioning as it relates to product offering, pricing, special offers, ease of purchase, customer service, communications, etc. Pending relevant financial analysis, implement initiatives to increase Mopec's competitive position and strength within the category.

- PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/EXPANSION - Based on customer research and competitive analyses, identify new potential products and product line extensions in two general categories: 1) existing products Mopec can acquire and add to its product offerings to better serve its target market; and 2) opportunities for Mopec to develop new, innovative products to meet a previously unmet need or improve the manner in which needs are currently met. Collaborate with internal engineering/product development team and/or outside developers to generate sufficient information to construct the business case for investing in each product development opportunity (forecasted demand for new product, product requirements and specifications, timetable to implement, human/financialinvestment required, pricing market will bear and potential profitability of each proposed product development project). Select and implement most promising initiatives.

- MARKETING & SALES - Develop and implement marketing and sales strategies, tactics and initiatives to support the overall strategy. Identify special initiatives to link promotional consumables programs to Mopec's core capital equipment business. Consider developing an auto-refill program for appropriate product categories. Collaborate with internal marketing team to ensure Mopec's website, digital and social media strategies sufficiently support the consumables business (e.g., website content, eCommerce, special promotions, outbound messaging and inbound digital lead generation, etc.). Collaborate with sales/outside reps to maximize the exposure of consumables products through these channels. Ensure the packaging of products and shipping materials appropriately represents the Mopec brand and creates maximum awareness and customer connection with the brand.

- SUPPLY CHAIN/INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - Collaborate with relevant team members to rationalize overall supply chain management, inventory management, order processing, shipping and handling. Establish appropriate goals for product availability and inventory and work with team to implement best practices.

- BUDGETING MBA preferred.

- Minimum 7-10 years of progressively responsible business management experience.

- Demonstrated success in growing a business unit. Brand/product management and/or supply-chain management experience a plus.

- Knowledge of medical products industry and/or target market segments.

- Technical background sufficient to understand issues involved with product line.

- Strategic thinker; strong conceptual/analytical thinking and decision-making ability.

- Strong financial modeling/forecastingexperience.

- Demonstrated ability to achieve strategic goals and objectives by building strong, collaborative relationships internally and leading the implementation of solutions across multi-functional teams.

- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring that all internal and external stakeholders understand and support the project goals and deliverables.

- Highly organized and structured; strong communications skills; proficient with Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


- $70, - $90,+ base salary.

- Significant bonus potential - up to 100% of base salary.

- Total compensation will be tied to profitability of business unit.