Distributed Generation Interconnection Facility Engineer, Retail Connections Engineering - MA

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POST DATE 9/19/2016
END DATE 11/25/2016

National Grid Waltham, MA

Waltham, MA
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JOB ID 20163170 DATE POSTED 09/18/2016 Description


National Grid is seeking an Electrical Engineer for positions within the Retail Connections Engineering Department at our Waltham, MA location specific to Interconnection, Protection, Control, and Substation engineering activities integrating distributed generation (DG) to the electric power system (EPS).


* To provide technical expertise and support from an engineering perspective to ensure effective delivery of Retail Connections Engineering objectives responsible for the retail connections engineering studies, installation acceptance review, and compliance verification of complex distributed generation (DG) facilities integrated with National Grid s electric power system (EPS) from receipt of complete application to energization.

* At the lower levels this can encompass a range of duties including maintenance, fault investigation and repair, safety implementation and monitoring and participation in small and large scale engineering projects.

* At the higher levels this role will also develop systems and design, plan and engineer works in order to ensure effective operations and ensure other National Grid business units are provided with the appropriate technical expertise to meet local needs.


* Conduct specific projects within area of capability and perform engineering studies, analysis and investigations, under supervision, in order to recommend corrective action in problem areas, or to prevent problems.

* Independently collate and analyze data within one area using pre-determined tools, methods and formats in order to support the department s decision making process.

* Execute instructions and requests, plan and organize resources and make appropriate arrangements to ensure that work is carried out efficiently and in line with relevant policies and processes.

* Test and challenge existing procedures and highlight areas for improvement in order to ensure they are robust.

* Develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders in order to obtain and share information that will benefit National Grid.

* Undertake specific tasks of varying complexity in order to support colleagues in the design of technical solutions.

* Build upon technical/professional skills within own area of specialism or of other processes in order to continually grow your personal contribution to the business.


Interconnection Engineering

* Review/authorize screening reports/feasibility studies for potential impacts

* Prepare/develop Planning Analytical Study Report of EPS impacts

* Develop Planning Grade Cost Estimates of entire interconnection

* Oversight of contractor resources performing interconnection studies

* Coordinate quality control review of planning recommendations for studies with Retail Connections Engineering department

* Prepare/develop/issue Interconnection Study Report and coordinate issue of same by contractor resources

* Initiate project funding and project manager request for interconnection projects upon notice to proceed including those where studies are performed by contractor resources

* Lead contact for technical matters on reviewing customer installation and ensure compliance verification for energization of customer installation with Retail Connections Engineering and Technical Sales & Engineering Support departments including those where studies are performed by contractor resources

* Review Customer installation and ensure compliance verification for Energization

* Report on project status

Protection Engineering

* Prepare/develop protection study model

* Analyze/recommend Protective Device Coordination and equipment interrupting ratings

* Analyze grounding, anti-islanding, fault sensitivity, and transient conditions for recommendations

* Prepare/develop Protection Analytical Study Report

* Review Customer protection scheme and verify acceptable settings for Energization

Substation Engineering (Substation, Meter, C&I)

* Analyze/recommend operating control and communications media requirements

* Develop Planning Grade Cost Estimates of substation, metering, and telemetering impacts

* Prepare/develop Substation, Control & Integration (C&I) Analytical Study Report

* Prepare/develop Substation, Revenue Metering and Telemetering Study Report

* Obtain quality control review of Study Reports from Substation Design and C&I Engineering departments and Meter Engineer

* Review Customer service connection facilities, metering and telemetering scheme, and protection scheme witness test compliance for Energization

* Other key engineering accountabilities -

* Provide technical consultation for simplified DG projects and those online

* Monitor state jurisdictional regulatory action related to tariff compliance

* Maintain technical guidance documents

* Provide technical outreach

* Participate in industry codes and standards

* Report on project status and metrics


* Evaluate engineering processes and systems with consideration to operation, safety and maintenance requirements in order to make recommendations and subsequently develop plans for improvements, where appropriate.

* Develop and maintain systems, designs, specifications, standards, models and procedures in order to support design solutions and enhance safety, efficiency and operability and support local decision making.

* Develop high level plans for own area and champion innovation through the use of pilots, in conjunction with business partners and service providers in order to test their validity across the business and ensure value-add of initiatives.

* Provide technical guidance, support and coaching to others in order to share knowledge and develop technical understanding within discipline.

* Develop and maintain effective relationships with key stakeholders in order to share best practice, provide technical advice, and build bases of influence.

* Keep up to date with market/regulatory developments within own profession/discipline in order to ensure the optimization of best practice for National Grid.

* Challenge existing ways of working and continuously seek ways to do things better in order to drive greater efficiencies within assigned area.

* Promote and implement procedural best practice in order to ensure all working practice (and where relevant, health and safety standards) are compliant with National Grid policies and regulatory requirements.

* Band D employees are expected to deliver on the key accountabilities list above as well as those listed below.

* Lead the implementation of engineering design for a specific area through the management of an engineering team and in consultation with other groups within the area in order to ensure design is fit for purpose and benefits National Grid operations.

* Make authoritative technical recommendations in order to provide design solutions which have a significant impact on business performance in the short and longer term.

* Lead, motivate and develop a professional team of engineering staff, prioritize work and allocate resources in order to ensure results are delivered in line with expectations and customer needs.

* Develop processes and review policies relating engineering systems/processes in order to ensure they are in line with strategic business objectives and meet the needs of customers and regulators.

* Proactively build and maintain internal and external networks in order to penetrate, absorb, and apply technical best practice to the engineering discipline.

* Develop process and policy specifications and criteria and options and evaluate those options to support senior