September 21, 2016

Email Promotions Specialist

The Norell Group Executive Search - Somerset, NJ

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Job Description

In this position, you will:

* Create and deliver email promotions for products, services and events.
* Interact with a team of writers, IT professionals and production personnel to create effective, response-generating emails.
* Utilize a broadcast email utility and deliver to contact lists pulled from in-house and out-of-house sources.
* Assess email content for compliance with applicable laws and best practices.
* Report on email delivery and response rates to management.


* 2+ years' related experience
* Undergraduate or Associate's degree or certification in a computer-related discipline such as email marketing or Web development.
* Ability to work in a number of computer platforms - broadcast email utilities, Lotus Notes, Oracle, Access, content management systems .
* Familiarity with HTML programming principles.
* Mastery of Microsoft Office Suite.
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written, including an understanding of proper grammar and punctuation.