Facilities Specialist

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POST DATE 8/18/2016
END DATE 12/19/2016

cyberthink La Palma, CA

La Palma, CA
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Definition and Nature of the Work

Emphasizes Safety - Supervisor communicates client safety rules and policies to the subcontractors and other workers or personnel within the work area, and assures that applicable safety rules are followed. Supervisor documents and reports the details of safety briefings conducted, and accurately reports any safety violations or unsafe acts. If supervisor observes or learns of unsafe acts by contractors or workers, the supervisor stops the particular task until the unsafe condition has been resolved, and workers have been instructed in safe procedures. Supervisors may also prepare and coordinate special forms, such as welding or confined space permits, as needed for the work performed.

Observe & Document Subcontractor Work Performed - Supervisor oversees & documents the work of subcontractor workers at construction sites. Supervisor manages resources for the efficient use of labor, machines, and materials by subcontractor personnel. Supervisor the client Project Manager, who is responsible for the performance of all the crews on a construction job. Supervisor coordinates with subcontractors to plan and schedule work and keep records of the materials used and the progress made on a job by subcontractors. Supervisor discusses & receives daily progress reports from subcontractor's work leader on duty. Supervisor communicates daily & periodic the H client Project Manager. Supervisor uses the "Daily " documents to on such things as number of contractor personnel working, vehicles or special equipment, weather conditions, meetings and safety.

Oversees Subcontractor Activities - Supervisor acts as an extension of the client Project Manager at a construction site, directing and coordinating the activities of the various trades & professions such as electricians, plumbers, welders, engineers, consultants, etc. while on the job site. Supervisor assures that the work is completed according to schedule, coordinates equipment & material deliveries, and that the activities of the various workers do not interfere with one another. Supervisor oversees and coordinates all these activities by communicating with and directing the foremen for the different trades or craft workers.

Emphasize High Quality Construction Standards - At times, the supervisor may be solely responsible for the overall construction operations at the site. Supervisor oversees multiple facets of the project, many of which may occur simultaneously. The supervisor must use available resources for all trades, to make sure the work performed meets the highest standards of quality. If problems are encountered, supervisor investigates problems discovered in the construction process, and then proposes a solution to the client Project Manager, after determining that the proposed solution will work and that it is the most cost-effective solution available. Supervisor should be familiar with reading blueprints and plans and specifications, and may be required to advise qualified craft workers on effective methods to complete certain tasks.

Communication - Supervisors must communicate well with the client Project Manager, subcontractor & engineering personnel and customer representatives. Supervisors must be able to give clear directions and verify that they are understood and followed. Supervisor may also communicate with the owner's representative of the project. These individuals have a personal interest in the project and will likely have a number of questions about the progress and any issues that arise. Supervisor must be as prepared as possible by anticipating customer questions and finding the answers in advance. If the answers are not available immediately, the construction supervisor should research the answers and provide those to the questioner. Must exhibit good business acumen.

Experience - General knowledge of commercial building construction a plus. Requires completion of OSHA 10-hour Card for Construction - must provide copy of valid OSHA 10 Hour card prior to hiring. Proficiency using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Project Schedule beneficial.