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Foreperson, Bakery

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POST DATE 8/11/2016
END DATE 10/28/2016

ARYZTA Ontario, CA

Ontario, CA
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Full Time
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Entry Level (0 - 2 years)
High School Diploma or GED


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Job Description

Key Accountabilities

Oversees and assists in bun production and communicate all changeovers. Ensure that our product meets the company's standards and specifications. Must complete, legible and accurate documentation. Must understand and follow all company Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's). Ensure Food Safety and Quality Standard Requirements are being maintained. Must understand and comply with the company Allergen and HACCP policies. Responsible for communicating all Food Safety or Equipment concerns to Supervision.


This list is to be used as a general overview and may be revised to reflect changes to accommodate current needs.

* Monitors the Production Area to ensure equipment and operators are working according to food safety, quality, legality standards and production schedules.

* Monitors Raw Ingredients and Products in the Production Area and assures that each meets food safety, quality and legality standards.

* Become familiar with all equipment in the Production Area and makes adjustments when needed.

* Able to perform each position in the Production Area.

* Become familiar with proper operations of mixing machinery and checks all safeties.

* Responsible for the cleanliness of the Production Area.

* Reads Foreperson s log book before shift begins and record findings after shift ends.

* Check white board for communications and work with each department by communicating all problems or concerns, generate work orders by use of the white board.

* Ensure all process documents are brought out at the day's start and collected at the day's end.

* Ensure start-up documents are completed daily and any concerns reported to Supervision.

* Monitors pan line, proofer and ovens.

* Visually check product inside of Proofer for size of product throughout shift.

* Keep engineering and Supervision informed of any equipment issues.

* Ensure employees receive their breaks and lunches on time.

* Monitors dough clean up to ensure mix times are accurate and consistent.

* Monitor dough consistency through clean up, development, temperature and Time and communicate with Supervision.

* Complete DJPIX during shift, record findings on DIPJX corrective action form and communicate out of spec measurements to the Supervision if needed.

* Use appropriate color brush, bottle and bucket per color code chart. Keep all tank lids closed.

* Responsible for changeovers and for communicating with Bun Wrap and Retail Foreperson's of any changeovers and possible product rejection in packaging due to issues in production.

* Responsible for communication to your shift employees, Relief Person and Supervisor of how shift is running and/or possible concerns associated with the equipment, sanitation, product safety, quality and operations on your shift. Document in the red log book on the day run.

* Keep barrels empty and make-up area clean.

* Ensure Ingredient bags & boxes are discarded prior to shift end. Start up and/or shut down equipment as necessary.

* Monitors proofers, seeder, ovens, deepeners and cooling conveyor guides and programs.

* Ensure all out of spec products are rejected. Correct set-up of water spray and seeder systems.

* Assists Divider Operator with the process by eliminating doubles and monitoring pan line.

* Checks and adjusts manifold to achieve required weights and adjust parts for proper alignment, dusting.

* Familiar with proper operation of extruding/dividing machinery and checks all safeties.

* Sets up and monitors the pan shaker to ensure dough pieces are centered in the pans.

* Take action necessary to ensure both pan shakers are working property.

* Sets Larrimore units for flour removal to ensure no flour on the dough piece heel and adjust when needed.

* Catch pans under the divider and molder need to be emptied as needed but not less than three times per shift.

* Needs to Attends all Foreperson's meetings.

* Ensure pre-shipment review documents are completed accurately, if needed. Ensure employees are following all SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) In your area.

* Work with Supervisors and maintenance to maintain equipment in good working order.

* Correctly weigh and record any waste to be disposed of.

* Follow all work instructions, keep work area and machinery clean and work safely at all times. Perform all other assigned duties as directed by Supervisor.

Required Skills

Skills, Experience & Qualifications

* Ability to work in a fast paced environment.

* Must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs.

* Ability to climb up and down steps. Must be able to climb a ladder throughout shift.

* Must be able to push and pull trolley of pans.

* High School/GED

* Years of Experience required: 2+ to 5 Years

* Proficient using a Computer/Software Skills

Required Experience

Typical Work Schedule: 1st Shift

Job Location

Ontario, California, United States

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We are an equal opportunity employer.

Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.