END DATE October 21, 2016
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Hospital Laboratory Technician III

University of California - Los Angeles Medical Centers - Los Angeles, CA

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Job Description

Job Title:
Hospital Laboratory Technician III

UCLA Title:
Hosp Lab Tchn 3

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Minimum Salary:
$27.59 / $4801

Maximum Salary:
$36.41 / $6335

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The laboratory technician will perform a wide variety of technical and non-technical procedures in the Core Laboratory. HLT III performs pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical activities, including but not limited to specimen preparation, interfacing with client offices, troubleshooting specimen/test related problems, answering phones to respond to questions within scope of knowledge, assisting with reagent preparation, operating, cleaning and maintaining work area and laboratory equipment, data entry and computer operation, filing, monitoring of temperatures, supply and reagent inventory (back-up for ordering of supplies and reagents), and quality control/assurance support. Ability to be reassigned to areas as needed and on a daily basis. Assess overall workload for any area that needs help, and help co-workers without being asked by the supervisor.


A bachelor s degree is preferred. Working knowledge of all laboratory safety protocols necessary in working in a laboratory environment to include work with chemicals, equipment, biological samples, etc. Knowledge of the different specimen types. Ability to recognize when an instrument, procedure, or piece of equipment is not functioning properly or when there is a problem situation and taking appropriate action. Knowledge of tests offered in all areas of the section. Skill in maintaining files/records, reagent preparation, quality control and instrument maintenance. Skill in performing related computer procedures (LIS, HIS) and working knowledge of EXCEL and Word. Experience with centrifuges, pH meter, analytical balance. Experience with operating moderate to high-volume chemistry analyzer preferred. Skill in practical application of fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions to be used in making reagents and in performing calculations. Under conditions of frequent interruptions, distractions and heavy workload while maintaining equanimity, accuracy and productivity. Able to work in an environment with variations in temperature, instrument noise, usage of toxic or hazardous chemicals, fumes, odors and biological agents and interaction with sick patients. Skill in adapting to unusual circumstances and changing priorities. Able to perform activities such as moving equipment for repair; transportation of reagents, blood products, or supplies, etc. as required.

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