IT Specialist - Web Developer

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POST DATE 8/21/2016
END DATE 10/16/2016

DiversityWorking Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA
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IT Specialist - Web DeveloperDescription:

IT Specialist
MBI clearance will be performed.
Arlington, VA
Job Description:- Use application and scriptingdevelopment best practices, architecture, scalability, etc.
- Execute tasks with both procedural andOOP development techniques.
- Provide expertise with the syntax andcontrol structures of the given language.
- Provide best practices for efficientand easier to maintain code.
- Provide best practices for securing webapplications.
- Inserting, querying and managing datastored in databases or files.
- Apply Knowledge of PHP and databaseprogramming including:

- The features and syntax of PHPdatatypes, variables, constants and operators.
- Knowledge of syntax of and how toemploy expressions and functions.
- Knowledge of how to apply controlstructures of PHP such as expressions, loops, conditional statements, andswitch statements.
- Session handling, PHP Configuration.
- Create web development markup languagesHTML/XML; stylesheet languages CSS/XSL and
- JavaScript.
- Additionally, knowledge of the DOM, itsobjects and their properties.
- Use concepts of HTML syntax formultiple specifications, including HTML 5.
- Create semantic markup for display oflists, tabular data, forms, articles, etc.
- Create of markup used for layout suchas dividers.
- Provide expert level assistance to beable to hand-code markup.
- Including media and images.
- Build XML syntax for markup andcontent.
- Use XML for the interchange of data
- Specifying different CSS for variousmedia, devices and displays.
- Methods for including CSS inline,internal and external via linked style sheets.
- Syntax of CSS declarations, propertiesand attributes.
- CSS box model and methods for CSSpositioning, absolute and relative.
- Provide expertise in properties andattributes to control the display.
- Provide insight into operators,variables, datatypes, objects, properties and methods.
- Use expertise with control structuressuch as objects, functions, conditional statements, arrays, loops andexpressions.
- Forms and regular expression validationand submitting data.
- Apply logical operators and conditionalstatements.
- Creating and controlling windows anddialogs.
- Processes for troubleshooting anddebugging
- Familiarity with development anddebugging tools for cross-browser issues.

- Custom web application development.
- Developed with at least one CMSframework or web application framework.
- Employed a framework or extended anexisting CMS with custom coding.
- Knowledgeable about accessibility orsecurity compliance relevant in client's sector and geographic location.
- Understands the underlying systems onwhich web applications are developed.
- Understands the technologies andlanguages which power the web such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
- Understands key server-side webdevelopment concepts such as:

- Integrating data or user accountsbetween multiple systems for a client.
- Integrating multiple databases and/ordatabase types into one system.
- Managing a hosting environment, and hasadministered databases.
- Scaling an application and/or itshosting environment to support increases in traffic.
- Setting up or using a version controlsystem, and manage control with file based assets and data.
- Implementing or working with contentapproval and staging workflows.
- Migrating data, scripting migration ofdata.
- Implementing, managing or using abackup system and disaster recovery.
- Securing data or access to applicationswith multiple user levels, or has the ability to customize based on userlevels.
- Implementing or working with a templatedriven system with a clear separation between content and display.
* comment.
- Outputting data in multiple documentformats.
- Using XML HTTP Request and JavaScriptto create web applications.
- Working with multiple deliveryplatforms such as mobile versus desktop.
- Creating multilingual websites orapplications.
- Creating and implementing databaseschemas that represent and support business processes.
- Ensuring the quality of applicationsthrough unit testing.
TechnicalSkills Required:

-Knowledge of a programming language fora framework such as PHP, Python, Perl, .NET, Ruby, Java, or other language.

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