September 21, 2016

Infrastructure QA

Samsung - Mountain View, CA

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  • Company
    Samsung Samsung
  • Location
    Mountain View, CA
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    Full Time
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Job Description

Job Title: Model Infrastructure and QA
Duties: This position seeks a highly motivated, skilled candidate to help with Infrastructure and QA surrounding simulator software and a related stimulus generator. Tasks include refining and maintaining a complex multi-platform build-system, managing perforce branches, software releases, triaging failures, and tool-construction. He/she is expected to understand the current status and the long-term goals of the project in order to plan the infrastructure upgrades and QA carefully to help the team achieve goals along all time-scales.
Skills: * Python scripting
* CMake
* Cross-platform (Windows and Linux) library and plugin handling
* Perforce stream/development/release management
* C++ linkage debugging, circular includes
* Cross-platform shell-scripting
* Build system organization and graceful management
* Define standard env across machines (including virtual machines)
* Balance long-term change with short-term development
* Databases experience
* Graphics/OpenGL exposure is a plus
* Anticipating long-term problems
* C++ build-speed optimizations
* Solid infra/system design ability