MOLDING OPERATOR III - Injection Molding

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POST DATE 8/18/2016
END DATE 11/1/2016

TE Connectivity Jonestown, PA

Jonestown, PA
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Full Time
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Entry Level (0 - 2 years)



General Description

Remove and install molds from injection molding press. Operate molding press. Performs inspection of molded housings. Weigh count and package molded housings using scales. Performs general housekeeping duties. Correct processes within specified limits.


Performs all of the duties of a P1 Molding Operator I and P2 Molding Operator II including others which are unique to the P3 Set Up Adjuster:

* Obtain factory order information from the Group Leader/Foreperson.

* Disconnect water lines and clamps from old mold in press. Remove old mold from injection molding press using overhead crane. Process appropriate paperwork including mold report card.

* Move old mold to mold storage area and place in correct location. Retrieve new mold from mold storage area using overhead crane.

* Install mold into injection molding press and hook up clamps and water lines properly.

* Adhere to all standard safety requirements and wear recommended personal protective equipment at all times in the production areas.

* Obtain appropriate gages and fill out required paperwork.

* Complete Process Sheets

* Shut down presses as required.

* Report production from multiple presses.

* Record data on the report card at the direction of the group leader.

* Complete mold startups, complete and record MSU data and Mold history information.

* Obtain setup parameters for the mold and input them into injection molding press.

* Start molding press.

* Adjust and set up cameras, sprue pickers, grinders and thermolators.

* Perform visual inspection of molded product including the use of microscopes, gages, and measuring equipment called out on the QIP.

* Perform general housekeeping duties in accordance with 5S+1 procedures to assigned presses and areas throughout the shift including sweeping, mopping, wiping, etc.

* Clean up water and oil leaks.

* Perform in-process adjustments to auxiliary equipment as required (pickers, grinders, dryers, cameras).

* Complete PMs as required.

* Assist other associates as required.

* Answer press alarms and make adjustments to prevent recurrence.

* Perform TPM walkaround (autonomous maintenance) at multiple presses.

* Troubleshoot auxillary equipment including dryers, grinders, thermolators and sprue pickers.

* Make and assemble boxes and place the proper amount of housings in each shipping container by operating the weigh scales as required. Package per Pali requirements.

* Initiate containment activities as required.

* Block cavities if appropriate.

* Dump production bins onto workstation table and visually check parts for nonfill, cracks , broken steel, or other non conformities and complete associated paperwork.

* Train associates who are new to the department including temporary employees.

* Communicate and coordinate with the mold shop as required.

* Conduct second visual on MSU.

* Complete raw material moisture checks as required.

* Make water lines as required.

* Assist maintenance as needed when addressing work orders.

* Empty purge containers and water jugs that collect the water purged from the molds.

* Attend daily GO meetings and communicate with incoming and outgoing shifts.

* Review and plan for upcoming work.

* Check if audible alarms are turned on.

* Complete work per any applicable TWIs

* Complete 14 day TPMs as required.

* Print Instruction Sheets.

* Refill water jugs at weigh stations.

* Complete time cards for vacation and personal time and input regular hours in the computer..

* Close out factory order packets and close out factory orders using the computer.

* Print approved processes and cycles from the computer.

* Assemble the bags for weigh counting purposes.

* Complete the Process Control Sheets

* Sharpen brass tools

* Remove stuck material in gates

* Complete ESRs, FASRs and PPAPs.

* Communicate with shift leader.

* Continually monitor the process and check water lines for leakage.

* Red tag molds as appropriate.

* Communicate with the Material Handler.

* Communicate with the Engineers.

* Empty the water jugs that collect the water purged from the molds

* Possess the ability, skill and experience to understand whether non-conforming product being produced (visually non-conforming or dimensionally non-conforming) is the result of a process, material, machine or tooling issue.

* Possess the ability, skill and experience to be able to adjust SIM processes within specified limits to correct the following conditions on product being produced :

* Non-Fills

* Excessive flash

* Embrittlement

* Sink

* Splay

* Blisters

* Air bubbles

* Voids

* Excessive warpage

* Dimensional non-conformances if process related

* Parts sticking on A or B side of mold if process related

* Inconsistent color dispersion when using colorants

* Gas Burns

* Discoloration and/or nonmetallic inclusions


Education / Experience:

* Must be able to use a microscope to inspect parts

* Must be able to read a standard blueprint

* High Energy, self-motivated, attention to detail and willingness to learn and advance in this past paced department.

* Introductory experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred.

* Injection Molding experience is a definite plus.

Physical Requirements:

* Must be able to lift a maximum weight of 30 lbs.

* Must be able to push a maximum weight of 77 lbs.

* Must be able to pull a maximum weight of 66 lbs.

* Occasional reaching above shoulder

* Frequently extending hands and arms between knees and shoulder level; will handle & grasp frequently with hands

* Frequent standing, walking and balancing throughout the day is required in this job.

***This description provides the general nature and level of work performed. This posting is not intended to be an exhaustive list Of duties, responsibilities, or qualifications assigned to the job. ***