END DATE October 12, 2016

Maintenance Electrician

Husky Rack & Wire - Denver, NC

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  • Company
    Husky Rack & Wire Husky Rack & Wire
  • Location
    Denver, NC
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    Full Time
  • Experience
    Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
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Job Description

Industrial electrical background - able to read prints, trace wires, work with 110 to 480 volts and step down transformers.
- Mechanical background - rebuilding in a range from dealing with motors to pumps.
- Understanding of welders
- Be able to keep a neat work area
- Able to troubleshoot with limited to no guidance

Job Summary:
Perform various duties to install, maintain, and repair a variety of production machine and building electrical wiring, controls, switches, panels, etc. following standard practices and established procedures.

Essential Job Functions
1. Work from prints, schematics, specifications, and directions on complicated electrical work.

2. Electrical and electronic work involves such as, equipment operating controls and monitoring equipment, electronic circuitry, branch lighting, power circuits, power distribution, center, etc.

3. Diagnose trouble, replace or repair parts, detect and replace defective modules, trace and correct defective circuitry, make necessary adjustments and test operations. Install power, lighting and control circuits.

4. Perform general and assist on difficult plant and production mechanical installation and maintenance activities. Work with voltages from 110 to 480 and step down transformers.

.Please include Resume