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Modern Combatives Master Instructor

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POST DATE 8/30/2016
END DATE 10/18/2016

Cubic Corporation Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO
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Part Time
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Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)



3001 Cubic Global Defense, Inc.


Cubic/NEK Services, Inc. is seeking Modern Combatives Master Instructors to support our AFPHE program providing modern Army combative techniques training to law enforcement personnel, other government agency personnel and special operations forces. The qualified candidates shall have proven experience and will be extremely practiced or specialized in all forms of fighting techniques, as this program is designed to Train-the-Trainers.

Cubic offers an opportunity to provide innovative technology for government and commercial customers around the globe, helping to solve their future problems today. We re the leading integrator of payment and information technology and services for intelligent travel solutions worldwide, and the leading provider of realistic combat training systems, secure communications and networking and highly specialized support services for military and security forces of the U.S. and allied nations. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in an innovative environment, we want to talk to you about your next role at Cubic! We are seeking employees inspired by technology, and motivated by the rewards of hard work, commitment, teamwork, quality, integrity, and respect. We invite you to explore opportunities with Cubic.


Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

* Provide verbal and written, when necessary, instruction in techniques and procedures that cover offensive and defensive methodology pertaining to sparring, grappling, strikes, throws, joint locks, chokes, take-downs and other hand-to-hand or tactical fighting methods.

* Provide verbal and written, when necessary, instruction in techniques and procedures that cover offensive and defensive methodology pertaining to the use of weapons and weapon systems, as it pertains to modern Army combatives techniques and procedures.

* Provide oversight for instructor led, student participatory exercises and maneuvers.

* Diagnose and correct form, usage and accuracy errors for students and participants; reinforce the details of each technique.

* Provide feedback to students and participants in a thoughtful and positive way and stress the importance of mastering the moves.

* Promote discipline, physical fitness, anger and fear management and concentration.

* Aid in development of training content, events and exercises, as needed.

* Ensure proper use of training aids and observe safety and engagement rules.

* Good communication skills both written and verbal


* Ten (10) years minimum of relevant experience is required, preferred is 15 or more.

* Knowledgeable in special operations operational and logistical principles and practices as they apply to weapons systems and combative techniques and their use in highly dynamic situations and various environments, including street and field tactics.

* Possess sound judgmental skills, and be capable of using them in a fluid operating environment.

* Must possess a Current passport.

* Must be physically fit enough to conduct the courses and withstand highly rigorous training hours.

* Must be willing and able to travel to OCONUS locations.


* Experience working with Special Operations Forces, US and Foreign Military and Law Enforcement personnel is desirable; Prior active duty military highly desirable.

* Previous instructor experience is highly desired, with special emphasis in MMA fighting and close-quarter combat skills.

* SOCP or MACP certificates desired.

* Certified Instructor in martial arts, desired.

* Real-world combat experience or professional fighter experience, desired.

* Proficiency in designing and building field expedient improvised weaponry from local available materials, is desirable.