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END DATE March 14, 2012

Principal Process Software Engineer

Timken - Canton, OH

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    Timken Timken
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    Canton, OH
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Job Description

A Principal Process Control Engineer is a professional individual who is responsible for leading, maintaining, developing and integrating a variety of process control and information systems for use within The Timken Company's Steel manufacturing facilities. Process control systems consist of an integration of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), host servers, plant floor devices, and client workstations. Each system is custom built to either the equipment vendor's specifications or to Timken's developed specifications. Team with IT/business managers to develop, deploy, and support hardware and software solutions to meet business objectives for a variety of process control and information systems used in steel making, processing, and finishing. Programmable Controller Logic (PLC) programming. High level language programming using such languages as (but not limited to) Visual Basic, C , Delphi, Fortran, C#, .NET, etc. Database programming using SQL or other databases.System Administration experience in a Microsoft Windows environment.Responsible for Windows security, patching, and performance monitoring with Steel manufacturing facilities. Design, implement, and execute disaster recovery procedures.Maintain Timken corporate compliance standards. Project Management: Prioritize and allocate resources to deliver technical solutions to business objectives. Periodically manage contract resources. Coordinate, direct and train junior process control engineers. Budget management.Insuring system uptime during all hours of operations (departments operate 24 hours/day and many 7days/week). The engineer is responsible for and may be called upon to address any system problems that help desk personnel can not.Design, develop and implement new systems as new operations are added or existing operations are improved. Act as system integrator to incorporate camera, laser and other process control devices into the control system. Understand modeling tools used to predict system operation based on various operating levels. Build and maintain interfaces to other Steel Business computer systems that provide data to and need data from the control system. This includes scheduling, data reporting and historical reporting systems. Provide reports and other data at the request of others, especially as a participant in process improvement teams.Maintain accurate lists of requested changes and set priorities on requested changes. Request additional resource assistance when the work requests become too great.Assess changes in the computing industry and the effect that they have on the control schemes that are used and recommend changes to the control system architecture. Develop new standards that incorporate the latest control system architecture.
Associate's Degree in Electrical Tech with 10 related years of experienceBachelor's in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science with 5 years of related experienceMasters in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science with 1 years of experience.

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