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POST DATE 8/31/2016
END DATE 2/14/2017

Brigham & Women's Hospital(BWH) Boston, MA

Boston, MA
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Full Time
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Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
Bachelors Degree



Responsible for preparing, compounding and dispensing medications to patients in accordance with the laws and regulations governing pharmacists and the practice of pharmacy by the appropriate state and federal agencies.

Responsible for the optimization of drug therapy by identification, resolution, and prevention of drug related problems and improving therapeutic outcomes.

Work relatively independently, without direct supervision, and within the limits of established pharmacy policies and procedures, as a member of the patient care team. Directs and coordinates the activities of a pharmacy service area. Supervises all staff pharmacists and support personnel assigned, operating within the limits of pharmacy policy and procedures, and the regulations of the Board of Registration Pharmacy.


1. Directs and coordinates the delivery of all pharmacy services on the assigned shift, without direct supervision.

2. Prepare, compound, and dispense medications to patients in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Board of Registration in Pharmacy, Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Administration, and other regulatory agencies.

3. Responsible for the interpretation and implementation of all departmental policies and procedures on the assigned shift.

4. Interprets, clarifies and evaluates all medication orders for completeness and appropriateness. Communicates with physicians and nurses on medication order discrepancies, possible drug interactions or stability problems. Assures that patient medication profiles contain appropriate medication information and clinical data.

5. Provides prospective evaluation and monitoring of patient drug therapy. Recommend appropriate medication doses and adjustments as indicated by patient conditions. Identifies, documents, resolves, and works to prevent drug therapy related problems.

6. Actively participate in the development and performance of drug use evaluations and other drug therapy monitoring initiatives.

7. Monitor drug therapy to prevent contraindications, duplicate therapy, drug interactions and allergic reactions. Reports all adverse drug reactions to pharmacy leadership and appropriate hospital committees.

8. Documents and reports all clinical interventions, adverse drug events and drug therapy profile reviews.

9. Provide information and consultation to physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, regarding appropriate drug therapy. Give advice on drug interactions, side effects, incompatibilities, allergies and drug administration.

10. Supervise and verify the accuracy of all work completed by supportive personnel assigned to the area.

11. Work in the sterile products area as needed, insuring the accuracy and sterility of all compounded products.

12. Responsible for submitting on time, assigned monthly inspection reports and equipment maintenance logs as needed.

13. Attend and participate in daily medical and multi-disciplinary rounds. Participate in specialty rounds as needed and as time allows.

14. Assist and contribute to the orientation and training of new personnel as assigned.

15. Insure the proper maintenance of appropriate records for controlled substances and investigational drugs as required.

16. Prepare and dispense ambulatory prescriptions as needed.

17. Provide discharge medication and drug history counseling to patients when appropriate.

18. Formulate and compound special dosage forms not commercially available.

19. Attend, participate in, and conduct continuing education programs and conferences to keep current with developments in the profession and to maintain license.

20. Maintain pharmaceutical care expertise through membership and participation in professional organizations and continuing education programs.

21. Maintain expertise in the departmental policies and procedures.

22. Complete annual performance appraisal on support personnel, including Pharmacy students.

23. Serve as a preceptor for Pharmacy interns and externs with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy.

24. Maintain skill and competency level to comply with departmental and hospital Quality Assurance standards.

25. Participate in department quality improvement efforts.

26. Participate in the training of medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

27. Supports patient care and drug therapy research by ensuring study protocol medication order compliance.

28. Serve as a preceptor for clinical pharmacy externship students.

29. Assists in and provides feedback for the annual performance appraisal of Staff Pharmacist I pharmacists.

30. Participates with the supervisor in personnel management, including any counseling processes.

31. Provides staff coverage, when needed, in areas of the department that the individual has been appropriately trained in.

32. Participates in pharmacokinetic dosing and monitoring of selected medications and recommends dose

adjustments and laboratory monitoring as required meeting patient needs. Must be credentialed to

perform this service.

33. Performs all other responsibilities as assigned.


1. Must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from an accredited college of pharmacy. Must be licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2. Must complete 15 continuing education credits per year to maintain license.

3. Must have 3 to 5 years experience at the Staff Pharmacist I level (see Staff Pharmacist I).

4. Upon department orientation, and annually thereafter, must complete:

Safety training:

OSHA/Fire safety

Infection control

Safe handling of chemotherapeutic agents

Competency assessments in areas of:

Age-specific Pharmacotherapy

Process-specific skills

Clinical skills

Population-specific Pharmacotherapy

Aseptic technique


1. Must have good oral and interpersonal communication skills, to communicate effectively with members of other healthcare disciplines, and other Pharmacy staff.

2. Must be able to plan and coordinate the activities pharmacy staff in accordance with Policy and


3. Must be able to properly motivate and supervise support personnel.

4. Priorities and organizes work while under stress and with time constraints. Must pay attention to detail virtually 100% of work time, and have critical thinking and decision making skills.

5. Must be able to set and change priorities, and accept additional responsibility as needed.

6. Must be able to respond positively to new approaches and changes in the work environment.

7. Must have extensive knowledge and ability in all areas of the department including: IV Admixtures, Drug Information, Ambulatory, Manufacturing, and Drug Distribution.

8. Must be able to train new employees.

9. Must be capable to assume the responsibility for coordinating pharmacy services on an assigned shift.

10. The individual in this position must demonstrate appropriate knowledge of principles of growth and development over the life span of the neonate, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient. In addition, they must possess the ability to assess patient data relative to age specific needs and provide care as described in the department's policies/procedures.

11. Must have comprehensive knowledge of Pharmacotherapy.

12. Ability to work collaboratively as a member of the patient care team.


1. Continuous mental and visual effort. Works under constant time deadlines. Occasionally exposed to unpleasant odors, infectious disease, and to possible carcinogenic, mutagenic, and sensitizing