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Senior Interactive Developer 9/7/2016

Sapient Global Markets Arlington, VA

Sapient Global Markets
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Full Time
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Arlington, VA
Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
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Bachelors Degree



At Sapient Global Markets, we are quite literally on the front lines of the biggest issues facing the global markets leaders today investment banks, asset management firms, wealth managers, oil and energy firms, and government and regulatory agencies. Driving transformation and leading change within these industries requires big thinkers who bring insight, knowledge, technical acumen and passion for innovation. We offer the opportunity to join a recognized leader in developing and delivering groundbreaking solutions for todays dynamic global marketplace and an award-winning culture that fosters growth and leadership.
As a Senior Interactive Developer, you will play a key role in delivering stable, enterprise-level software to our clients. You will be an individual contributor who is able to work independently to convert rich interactive designs to web applications that conform to our standards and best practices. The Senior Associate will provide guidance to junior team members and will potentially lead a team of 2-5 people, delivering an entire track of work.



* Hand-codes advanced HTML documents from scratch

* Applies the knowledge of how and why to use little-known or little-used elements

* Uses advanced accessibility attributes like table Index and access key where appropriate

* Understands the different DOCTYPE declarations, their relevance, and meaning

* Creates clean pages without inline styles or scripts or excessive element nesting

* Ensures projects follow best markup practices and assists others with issues


* Applies advanced CSS concepts and best practices

* Creates intermediate layouts from scratch

* Able to articulate the difference between inline, in-document and external style sheets and how they cascade.

* Understands the impact of CSS techniques such as image replacement on SEO and Accessibility

* Applies understanding of CSS short-hand

* Basic knowledge of CSS3, including effects, responsive design, and CSS preprocessors/frameworks such as SASS/Compass

* Creates table-less layouts using positioning and floats

* Validates CSS with the W3C validator

* Researches and debugs non-complex bugs and browser issues

* Ensures projects follow best styling practices and assists others with issues


* Applies knowledge of unobtrusive JavaScript, event listeners and handlers, and custom events

* Writes event handlers for touch, gesture, and other interactions in addition to mouse events

* Follows OOJS techniques for coding

* Can implement at least one type of JavaScript library or framework and use most core functions to meet functional and technical requirements for a project

* Applies advanced features of or extends ready-made plugins

* Can build simple application components

* Understands HTTP and RESTful interfaces and uses that knowledge to debug AJAX requests

* Is familiar with functionality available in advanced browser APIs such as geolocation, drag and drop, and RTC

* Validates JS with JSHint/JSLint

* Uses feature detection (either manually or with a library such as Modernizr) instead of user agent sniffing to test for available functionality.

* Is familiar with mobile development methodologies, including hybrid web/native solutions, such as those involving PhoneGap or similar frameworks

* Is aware of the performance implications of loops, DOM manipulation, and variable caching

* Researches and debugs non-complex bugs

* Ensures projects follow best JavaScript practices and assists others with issues


* Understands the basics of OO design like encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism

* Understands the basics of commonly used data structures

* Can produce a logical object entity model for a given problem statement.

* Is familiar with commonly used design patterns, such as the GOF patterns, IOC/DI and others.

* Has created the low level design of one or more modules of a medium complexity application.

* Is familiar with one or more design notations, such as UML for creating class and sequence diagrams.

* Is familiar with commonly used class and package design principles, such as high cohesion/low coupling, single responsibility principle, open/closed principle, interface segregation principle etc.


* 2 years of professional web development experience


* Client workshop note taker

* Client meeting

Architecture, Design & Leadership

* Work with project management to accurately estimate and scope out projects

* Work with information architecture and design teams during planning and production phases

* Ensure cross-device and cross-platform compatibility

* Converse with back-end teams to create optimum integration solutions

* Mentor, coach and manage team members while managing your teams track of work to completion

* Be able to produce clear and concise technical specification documents for internal and external use

* Thrive under tight deadlines while managing time efficiently and effectively allocating work to junior team members

* Project issue and risk manger

* Delivery processes compliance manager


* Problem solving in a proactive and efficient manner

* Be responsible for the quality of your work throughout its lifecycle

* Write code based on functional specifications

* Optimize development for user experience

* Comment code and produce documentation to industry standards

* Produce code to the highest standards while adhering to industry accepted architecture and design pattern techniques and methodologies (e.g., MVC, SOA, OOP, DI etc.)

* Solution prototyper

* Software Build-master

* Quality Assurance analyst


* Trainer

* Project level and peer review coordinator

* Project team celebration owner

* Delivery Focus Areas owner

* Recognition owner

* Delivery Capabilities team liaison

* Proactive in the global Sapient development community

Bachelors degree required


Sapient Global Markets, a part of Publicis.Sapient, is a leading provider of services to todays evolving financial and commodity markets. We provide a full range of capabilities to help our clients grow and enhance their businesses, create robust and transparent infrastructure, manage operating costs, and foster innovation throughout their organizations. We offer services across Advisory, Analytics, Technology, and Process, as well as unique methodologies in program management, technology development, and process outsourcing. Sapient Global Markets operates in key financial and commodity centers worldwide, as well as in large technology development and operations outsourcing centers. For more information, visit

*Reasonable accommodations will be made as necessary for the known physical or mental disability of an otherwise qualified applicant or employee unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the Companys business.

Sapient US is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants to Sapient US will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.