END DATE October 17, 2016
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Senior Superintendent of Building Automation

University of California - Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

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Senior Superintendent of Building Automation

$5175 - $10,225 monthly

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Exercise full supervisory responsibility over a staff of facility automation specialists to operate, maintain, repair, renovate and modify the campus-wide building automation system. Provide direct and oversight supervision of up to 10 staff personnel including engineering programmers, service engineers, operating engineers and facility mechanics/workers. Plan and schedule work, prioritize and assign resources, evaluate performance and develop programs to improve productivity. Prepare project budgets, work estimates and monitor project budget performance. Select, hire and train personnel, evaluate their performance and administer discipline when necessary in accordance with university policy and represented employee contracts. Provide technical coaching and interface with non-university service providers that support the campus Building Automation System. Represent the building Automation System shop and its associated staff to academic and all levels of administration.

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6:00 am

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3:00 pm


20 Records


Skill in planning, staffing, controlling, directing and budgeting. Skill in reading and interpreting collective bargaining agreements administrative guidelines, technical contracts and reports, general correspondence, job specifications and job descriptions. Skill in writing concise, logical and grammatically correct correspondence and analytical reports. Skill in mathematical computations sufficient to prepare budget status reports and projections to monitor project costs.


Working knowledge of human resource management sufficient to conduct performance appraisals, counseling and feedback sessions, and implementation of progressive corrective actions. Skill in supervising and applying human factors management principles to a multi craft unionized workforce.


Detailed knowledge of methods, tools, equipment and materials used in the service of building automation systems and the Operating and Service Engineer trades, including achievement of Service Engineer level skills. Working knowledge of all phases of repair, construction and mechanical alteration work performed by skilled trades personnel.


Working knowledge of the components of air distribution systems, i.e., fans, heating/cooling coils, filters, drive units, heat exchangers, hydronic distribution systems, damper systems and instrumentation, including but limited to the control or these systems.


Working knowledge of electrical distribution equipment, i.e., emergency generators, motors, control schematics, transformers and switchgears.


Skill in modifying or adapting a building's mechanical systems for optimum efficiency and economy of operation.


Detailed knowledge of control theories that are used in practice to control HVAC equipment, steam generating and distribution equipment, Chilled water manufacturing & distribution equipment, Compressed air systems, Vacuum systems, Process water systems and Heating systems.


Detailed knowledge of steam generating and distributing equipment, i.e., high pressure steam boilers and piping auxiliaries and water treatment.


Knowledge of methods, tools, equipment and materials of the electrical, pipefitting, plumbing and sheet metal trades sufficient to direct work, evaluate progress and ensure craft work assignments meet stated standards.


Skill in reading and interpreting technical documents or specifications related to mechanical air distribution systems, large capacity refrigeration systems, electrical, pipefitting, plumbing and sheet metal trades sufficient to direct work, evaluate progress and ensure craft work assignments meet stated standards.


Skill in managing all administrative and technical aspects of construction and mechanical alteration projects in a variety of special use buildings. Working knowledge of construction trade practices, codes and safety requirements sufficient to prepare work scopes, budget and schedules; address project related delays or disruptions; and bring closure within stated timeframes and guidelines.


Skill in preparing written cost estimates for replacement, renewal and modification projects.


Working knowledge of all phases of feasibility, engineering, design and development phase of a structure's mechanical distribution systems.


Ability to write project specific plans to ensure the mechanical integrity of any distribution, large capacity refrigeration system.


Skill in implementing-and monitoring a quality control program sufficient to meet established specifications in the performance of preventive maintenance and mechanical alteration projects.


Ability to read, interpret and draw conclusions from information generated by computerized reporting systems, to monitor performance and trends, and identify anomalies. Ability to organize information, material and people in a systematic way in order to optimize efficiency and minimize duplication of effort in the process of completing projects.


Skill in negotiating: exchanging ideas, information and opinion with others to formulate policies and programs and/or arrive jointly at decisions, conclusions or solutions. Ability to communicate effectively on a one-on-one basis or in group meetings to:
- obtain information
- explain policies, procedures, etc.
- persuade others to accept or adopt a specific opinion, actions, etc. Required

Skill in analyzing information, problems situations practices or procedures to:
- define to problem or objective
- identify relevant concerns or factors
- identify patterns, tendencies and relationships
- recognize alternatives and their implications. Required

Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with peers; department, campus and University personnel; and the public. Ability to work collaboratively, proactively, and cooperatively as a management team member and in support of organizational goals and objectives. Ability to work under fluctuating conditions with frequent interruptions, distractions and emergencies. Ability to maintain equanimity in the face of resistance, indifference or hostility.


Must possess a valid California Driver's License, Class C, and ability to drive a University truck or other light vehicle in the course of duties.



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99-Policy Covered

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NOTE: This position REQUIRES that a RESUME, COVER LETTER, REFERENCES and SALARY HISTORY be submitted in addition to the application. Please have ALL FILES ready to upload when applying.

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Continued employment contingent upon completion of satisfactory background