September 21, 2016

Software Developer - DCi

ARI Network Services, Inc. - Des Moines, IA

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Job Description


You're an experienced software developer who likes working with a team of other extremely talented developers. You yearn to be responsible for building ridiculously great software. Like all of our developers, you will also to help pave the way for new technologies, new processes, and an overall better way of life for the ARI development team.


You are passionate about software. You know what high quality software looks like, and you know how to create it.

It drives you nuts when you find yourself using lousy software, and you take pride that your code is always better.

You like solving puzzles, riddles and figuring out how stuff works. New technology excites you, and you know that sometimes the right way to solve that puzzle or riddle is with a new tool.

And in conjunction with the previous point, you're not afraid to suggest new technologies and tools.

You could discuss for hours the various benefits of stuff like unit, functional, integration, and regression testing. After all, testing isn't only for the QA team!

You're not afraid to answer the really challenging questions.

You're not afraid to put the brakes on a release if something's not quite right.

Have the "gift of gab" and like striking up intelligent conversations.

Have an understanding of different ways to run a project; Scrum, Kanban.

You know what good documentation looks like, and how important it is. It may not be fun, but you certainly can't ignore it.

You love things like C#, ASP.Net MVC, Solr.


Write, modify, and debug web and desktop software applications.

Write, modify, and debug software for web applications

Development of front-end and back-end web based applications, and web services.

Write code to generate web applications according to technical specifications.

Investigate, analyze and document reported defects as required.

Create, document, and implement unit test plans, scripts, and test harnesses as required.

Test, create and maintain technical documentation as required.

Provide status reports as required.

Recommend improvements.

Advancing your knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the C#