END DATE June 14, 2012

Sr. UTRAN RNC Systems Engineer

Wavsys LLC - Brooklyn, NY

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  • Company
    Wavsys LLC Wavsys LLC
  • Location
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Job Type
  • Job Classification
    Full Time
  • Experience
    Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
  • Education
    Bachelors Degree
  • Salary Range
    $110800.00 - $114200.00 per hour
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  • Number of Positions
  • Hours/Week
  • Required Degree/Formal Training
    Electrical/Electronic Engineering or Telecoms Engineering

Job Description

Provide expertise on re-parenting Node Bs from one RNC to another and also help with RNC cutovers to new MGW, SGSN and MSC and Node Bs cutover from RXI to DXX. Configure Node B for 2 to 8T1s. Use IMA adaptation technique to configure sites accordingly. Use SGSN scripts for the integration of RNC. Provide technical leadership in RNC expansion to single or maximum number of Sub-racks and integration of Node Bs with all methods (ARW, BIT, MO, MOS). Troubleshooting Node Bs RXI and RNC using Moshell scripts. Provide expertise on IP RAN implementation for A-bis over IP, R-PMO lub over IP and lu over IP. Provide in-depth knowledge and experience in UTRAN Network to help with Northbound Integration IuCs, IuPs, Iur (towards MGW, SGSN, MSC, RNC) of RNCs 3820 and 3810. Responsible for RXI integration to Utran Network by upgrading RNC/RXI and Node Bs from P5 to P6, to P7 then to W10B and W11B. Provide technical expertise on ATND/ IP RAN design and QoS deployment on 3G Network. Make minor or major changes to design according to need. Integrate Node Bs 3000 and 6000 from RNC perspective. Use Moshell to check network status, change and update RNC and RBS parameters, write MO scripts to perform batch process and also create MOBATCH scripts to perform tasks on multiple number of Node Bs. Use PERL/shell scripts for daily tasks.

Bachelors degree in Electrical, Electronic Communications or Telecom engineering; advanced degree preferred. 5+ years of RNC systems engineering experience with emphasis on dimensioning, configuration, integration and maintenance of Node Bs in existing UTRAN. Must be a subject matter expert (SME) with excellent understanding and use of scripts such as Moshell, SGSN for RNC integration, IP RAN implementation over various air interface. Strong knowledge on protocols RLC/MAC, RRC, NBAP, NAS (RANAP,RNSAP) Experience using tools such Wire Shack for IP troubleshooting. Testing Node B, RNC and Core against layers 1-3/end to end interfaces. Call processing, integration and verification on UMTS Network. Excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Willingness to travel extensively

Please email resumes w/job code UtranRNC001 to : jobs@wavsys.com by 06/17/12. Job posting period : 04/15/12 to 05/15/12

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