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POST DATE 9/17/2016
END DATE 11/4/2016

Methodist Houston, TX

Houston, TX
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Entry Level (0 - 2 years)
High School Diploma or GED


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A Transporter demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to transport acute, intensive and critical care patients in a timely manner by wheelchair, transcart, stretcher or bed. A Transporter provides indirect care when a nurse is present during travel and direct care when a nurse is not present during transit. A Transporter moves inpatients and outpatients to diagnostic testing and therapeutic areas, clinics, physician`s offices, admissions and discharges throughout the complex and will move deceased adult or fetal demised patients to the morgue. A Transporter will assist with patient falls by retrieving the Hover Mat/Jack, lifting and moving the patient to a stretcher and transporting the patient back to his/her room. A Transporter must be able to communicate appropriately and work closely with nursing staff and co-workers. A high school diploma, GED, or applicable experience is required. Applicant must have experience working with the public with excellent communication skills. Patient care/transportation experience is preferred. Candidate must be able to lift in excess of 50 pounds with the capability of pushing, pulling and maneuvering in excess of 200 pounds or more using transport required equipment. Applicant must complete a 3 day departmental training course and a minimum of 5 days of floor training upon hire.


1. Introduces self to patient upon arrival to nursing unit and explains where they are being transported. Communicates positively and effectively with patients and guests, as well as internal customers. Promotes a positive image of the department and Hospital through verbal and non-verbal communication with all persons and compliance with personal appearance guidelines. Uses 10 codes appropriately to limit radio conversations and wears earpiece with radio to ensure HIPPA compliance. Contributes to exceeding patient satisfaction rating goals.

2. Documents assignments neatly and completely on the Patient Transportation Trip Log and turns them in at the end of each shift.

3. Reports to nursing unit/department to notify staff of patient transport.

* a. Request patient chart.

* b. Reviews patient passport for completeness and asks questions as needed to clarify handoff information.

* c. Checks patient ID bands with a 2 step procedure, checking patient`s first and last name and medical record number prior to transport.

* d. Provides wheelchair, stretcher, bed, transcart, and luggage cart assistance as requested and assists nursing personnel in transferring patients between bed and transport equipment when needed.

* e. Properly connects and disconnects portable oxygen and sets regulators.

* f. Performs tasks as required to prepare the patient for transport such as moving IV bags, placing Foley catheters, IMED pumps, Drug Infusion pumps, etc.

* g. Reports observations, conditions and problems of patients to the licensed nurse

* h. Reports any potential harm or conflicting information to the Manager for input in Patient Safety Net.

4. Maintains current certification to perform CPR.

5. Transports adult and fetal demised patients to morgue.

6. Transporter provides direct care to all hospital patients when a nurse is not present during transport and indirect care when a nurse is present during transit.

7. Must be able to make appropriate customer service decisions with problem solving, setting trip delays, canceling and recalling assignments.

8. Must practice universal precautions at all times when assisting patients.

9. Disinfects equipment before and after each use, allowing sufficient time for the disinfectant to dry thoroughly before placement of linen.

10. Transports inpatients and outpatients within department productivity standards to and from patient rooms, diagnostic and therapeutic areas, lobbies, clinics and physician offices. Must complete at least minimum percentage of transports per shift and within departmental standards. Transporter contributes to high patient and internal customer satisfaction ratings by providing timely transports.

11. Transporter delivers patient room furnishings such as bed extensions, sleep chairs and transport of empty beds as requested, as a backup duty when Expeditor is not available.

12. Maintains adequate supply of transport equipment in lobbies and equipment rooms. Clears equipment left on floors and in hallways and unauthorized areas by moving them to designated equipment storage areas or reporting the equipment to the dispatcher.

13. Tags equipment needing extensive repairs, takes damaged equipment out of service and delivers to bed shop for repair.

14. Properly disposes of soiled linen on nursing unit and removes other items left on equipment such as urinals, bedpans, emesis basins, etc. Removes pumps and monitors no longer needed for the patient care from the transport equipment and places it in the soiled utility room.

15. Operates all transport equipment in a safe manner. Transports and stores oxygen tanks in approved holders. Ensures that oxygen cylinders are appropriately tagged to reflect the current airflow status.

16. Properly handles patient charts, keeping them covered or out of sight from visitors and employees, and other protected health information to assure compliance with HIPPA requirements.

17. Properly enters patient information in automated systems as required, such as entries in the Cardiology Patient Tracking system, MedHost in the Emergency Department, and HRS for paging the Housekeeping staff and to complete patient discharges. Properly signs in patient at testing areas where applicable.

18. Reports incidents involving patients or visitors immediately to management for reporting through the Patient Safety Net.

19. Participates as a team player with Nursing Staff and coworkers when necessary for moving the patient to test and procedures.

20. Responsible for contacting Call Center dispatch or the code blue team for respiratory and cardiac emergencies during patient transport.

21. Demonstrates the componets of the I CARE values statement.

22. Demonstrates ServicePRIDE Standards.

23. Follows all safety rules while on the job. Performs duties in a safe manner, using appropriate equipment, methods, and assistance to reduce injuries, including use of transfer boards, Hover Mat, Hover Jack, etc. Reports accidents according to policies and procedures, and corrects minor safety hazards. Remains in compliance with hand hygiene policies regarding prohibition of artificial nails, length of nails, and hand washing guidelines. Responds to Code Blue, Dr. Pink, and other emergency situations as assigned. Ensures compliance with Hospital and System policies related to patient safety.

24. Performs all other job-related duties as assigned.


High School diploma, G.E.D., or applicable experience required.

Experience working with the public and excellent communication skills required

Experience in patient care/transportation preferred.


Must be able to read, write and speak effectively in English

Bilingual is a plus

Must be able to complete a 3 day training course.


Valid Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification is ongoing requirement after hire.


1.Must be able to read, write and speak effectively in English.

2. Bilingual is a plus.

3. Must be able to complete a 3 day training course.
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