Versatile Security Officer: Must have open availability & DoD Secret Clearance Req'd

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POST DATE 9/17/2016
END DATE 11/24/2016

AlliedBarton Security Services Richardson, TX

Richardson, TX
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Full Time
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Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
High School Diploma or GED




Essential Details:

Flex officers play a vital role in the successful management of our security operations. A successful flex officer will be able to work any day of the week, work any shift, be willing to work at any site within a specific book of business, and perform the essential functions required at each of these sites. Because of the nature of this role we are looking for candidates that show strong leadership skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong computer and customer service skills, and have an excellent attendance record.


Essential Functions:

AlliedBarton Security Officers assigned to this specific job position will be responsible for the protection of and access to highly classified and sensitive equipment, technology and information. Protection of this equipment is extremely regulated in a controlled environment and only highly qualified Security Officers are charged with this critical responsibility. Rigorous adherence and understanding of security protocols is mandatory, as is a US Government security clearance. The AlliedBarton Security Officer candidates for this position will undergo an extensive vetting process by AlliedBarton, the client and the US Government. This mandatory process is lengthy and thorough.

The Security Officer is responsible for the safety and security of the facility and to deter criminal activity through professional presence, in-depth knowledge of security protocols protecting classified or proprietary equipment and information. Security Officers must learn the site and the day-to-day activities, protocols and procedures. The officer will present a neat and professional appearance in a properly worn uniform with associated equipment.

AlliedBarton Security Officers perform many tasks including preserving order and enforcing regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises. Officers may be required to patrol or respond to calls for service on the facility by foot, bicycle, or vehicle. Other duties required of a security officer include working at an entry control point to a facility and answering phones, greeting guests and assisting employees.

Essential Tasks (list not all inclusive):

* Protect persons, assets and information

* Respond to and assess security alarms or emergency alarms, emergency situations, medical aid, fires, oxygen deficiency alarms, first responder; secure classified information, escort visitors and contractors, secure ingress and egress situations

* Ensure the highest quality security services in the protection of personnel, property and information with professionalism; fulfill duties politely, without fear or favor

* Preserve order and enforce rules, regulations and directives for the viability of the site and the safety of personnel, equipment and sensitive information

* Greet guests and employees in a cheerful and welcoming manner

* Answer questions and assist guests and employees

* Patrol the facility, internal and external

* Report safety concerns, security breaches and unusual circumstances, both through written and verbal means

* Know site-specific operations performance manuals and post orders

* Open/close, lock/unlock sensitive rooms and areas

* Conduct personal sweeps in closed areas; monitor prohibited items in certain areas

* Conduct person lookups for rights and permissions to specific areas and rooms

* Correspond and interact with corporate security personnel regarding orders and execution

Foundational requirements:

* Minimum of 3-5 years high-level security experience on DOD site or similar in military

* High School Diploma or GED required; Associate Degree or higher (preferred)

* Ability to write clear concise incident reports

* Understand proper radio protocol

* Possess a good working knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint

* Be articulate and able to explain a situation coherently

* Be a leader and self-starter

* Have experience managing or leading a team of individuals

* Understand accountability and lead by example

* Successful completion of AlliedBarton s Master Security Officer Basic (Level 1) Course

* Be able to obtain a Department of Defense SECRET security clearance.

Basic requirements for the US Government clearance are as follows: The US Government adjudicators consider the totality of the investigation when issuing a clearance. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, you may request consultation with the AlliedBarton Security Services Compliance Manager/Facility Security Officer.

* Applicant must be a US citizen

* Applicant cannot hold citizenship in any country is addition to the US.

* Applicant cannot have any foreign property, business connections or foreign financial interests.

* Applicant s immediate family must be US citizens. This includes spouse, parents, step parents, brothers, sisters, step brother, step sister, in laws and non-family cohabitants. If the applicant is unmarried, applicant cannot be cohabitating with a non-US citizen

* Applicant must have very good credit, including no debt that is in default or not paid as agreed, and no bankruptcy filed in last 5 years

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has ever been arrested, investigated, detained, or charged with any criminal offense, including under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has ever pled guilty or pled no contest to any charge (felony, misdemeanor, military code or traffic offense.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has been a part of any civil court proceedings within the last seven (7) years,

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has ever had any disciplinary or counseling action related to their use of alcohol.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has EVER used, purchased or sold any illegal drugs.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has consulted with a medical professional about a mental health condition other than marital, family, PTSD or grief counseling.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has ever defaulted on a loan, declared bankruptcy or had personal property repossessed in the last ten (10) years.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has had ANY debt placed in collections in the last seven (7) years.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has EVER had a tax lien or wage garnishment.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he is currently delinquent on any taxes (federal, state or local).

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has ever been late or are currently delinquent on any child support payments.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if s/he has deliberately misused an automated/computer information system.

* Applicant must be willing to disclose if, in the last ten (10) years, s/he had any of the following situations occur:

* Fired from a job

* Quit a job after being told they would be fired

* Left a job by mutual agreement following allegations of misconduct

* Left a job by mutual agreement following allegations of unsatisfactory performance

* Left a job for other reasons under unfavorable circumstances

* (NOTE: The government reserves the right to require an individual to take a polygraph at any time once the individual has been approved for a security clearance.)

Failure to obtain a TS/SCI special program clearance will result in reassignment to a post requiring a lower security clearance or to another AlliedBarton Security Services client, if available.

This is a highly visible and trusted position for which ONLY qualified candidates will be considered. If you qualify based on the above requirements, please complete the position application.

If you do not qualify