Driller 1 5/31/2018

Boart Longyear 84119, UT

84119, UT
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Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity and a gratifying career? The industry leader Boart Longyear Core Driller position is just for you. We realize being a Driller can be a tough and physically demanding position; however we're looking for people that are willing to work hard and not afraid to get dirty. In a global environment, Boart Longyear Core Drilling Services is the client choice in the industries we serve; some of the work includes minerals exploration, environmental soil samples, water wells, geo-thermal and infrastructure. Core drilling is a mechanism designed to rotate and cause an annular-shaped rock-cutting bit to penetrate rock formations, produce cylindrical cores of the formations penetrated, and lift such cores to the surface, where they are collected and examined. Core drilling is used frequently in mineral exploration where the coring may be several hundred to several thousand feet down in length. Job Responsibilities Mobilization in setting up drill sites Operate a core drilling rig 10-12 hours per day for a 20 day hitch Prepare daily reports of all drilling activities. Perform and document daily pre-shift inspections Perform and document maintenance and repairs on company equipment and vehicles Must have a basic knowledge of drilling mud fluid Must understand the nature of core drilling and be able to extract suitable core samples from depths down to 5,000 feet Must have a complete knowledge of mechanics as related to drill rigs, diesel, and gasoline engines, hydraulics and electrical Be able handle heavy wrenches, lift and/or carry heavy tools or supplies and operate levers with both hands Ability to communicate with and supervise employees working on the drill site Qualifications Previous experience of at least 1 year as a continuous core driller Previous experience as a driller assistant or helper Pass a drug screen, background check, physical and functional capacity test and pulmonary function test Have a good driving record Possess a valid driver's license Be able to lift 100 pounds repetitively Be able to crawl, squat, carry materials for extensive period of time Be willing to be gone for a range of 14 to 30 days at a time, work in remote locations and adverse weather conditions Be able to work 12-14 hour days Education and Experience Typically requires a High School diploma, GED or equivalent. Boart Longyear offers top industry salaries, and a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, a 401k program with employer match, tuition reimbursement, and much more!