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Pipe Fitter 9/16/2017

Ulliman Schutte Construction Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC
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Job Classification
Full Time
Job Type
Company Ref #
Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)


Ulliman Schutte Construction is a national leader in the construction and renovation of water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, and associated utility work. We are looking for experienced Pipefitters/Pipe Layers for multiyear projects in Charlotte, NC.

* Install underground Ductile Iron Pipe, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, PVC, HDPE, Carbon Steel and stainless-steel piping of various sizes from 4" to 60".

* Experienced with various restrained and push joint fittings

* Ensure proper rigging of various sizes of pipe to safely set and install pipes with an excavator.

* Safely guide excavation of complicated holes around structures and underground utilities that are in service.

* Understand how to properly bed and slope trenches for pipe bedding.

* Measure and trim 'cut to fit' pieces for closures to the pipe line.

* Test installations for leaks to meet pressure ratings per specs.

Job Type: Full-time
Required experience:
2-3 years Pipefitting / Pipelaying.


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