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Civil Engineering Jobs & Employment Information

With approximately 50,000 companies and combined annual revenue of $178 billion dollars, the American engineering industry is full of exciting jobs. With some of the largest companies in construction and infrastructure offering civil engineering opportunities, this career ranks among the top 10 best jobs in America according to a number of online sources.

Civil engineers are essentially responsible for designing and supervising the development of highways, water systems, bridges, sewers, power plants and a range of other such buildings. With a growing number of civil engineers choosing to relocate to developing countries due to increasing demand, America in this field is in desperate need for qualified talent.

As a civil engineer, you need to be prepared to deal with an overwhelming maze of regulations and permits. In addition to design and development, you will also be in charge of interacting with the local governments. In most cases, a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering along with a state license is sufficient. If you wish to become a structural engineer, you will be required to acquire a master’s degree.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineers make a median wage of $77,990 per year.