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    At Aegis Therapies, we re adapting to the constant changes in the healthcare world by creating a seamless continuum of care from s...

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    Announcement Number: FE-15-AA-1566065 Department: Department Of Veterans Affairs Agency: Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Adminis...


Home Health Aide Jobs & Employment Information

Home health care aide jobs include performing a range of tasks involving the provision of routine individualized healthcare. If you are applying for home health aide job openings, you need to be prepared to change bandages, dress wounds, and help the elderly or the disabled in the application of topical medications.

You should be comfortable staying with the patient at their home or in a healthcare facility. Your job will also involve monitoring and reporting changes in vitals to physicians.

Home health aide providers may also be expected to provide personal care such as bathing, grooming and dressing.

There are over 839,930 home health aides in the US market. It is expected that this number will go up by 1.2% in the next few years. On an average, a home health aide makes about 10.49 USD per hour. This means that average annual salary for this profession is USD 21,830.

There are many home health aide jobs that can be availed with only a high school diploma. However, major progress comes for individuals with degrees or certifications in nursing supported by significant work experience.