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Router driver and delivery driver jobs are crucial for all freight transportation businesses. Individuals applying for long-haul route driver jobs should be prepared for a sedentary lifestyle that comes with irregular hours and days or weeks away from home.

You may also be expected to perform duties such as loading and unloading, maintaining the trucks and keeping logs as expected by your company and the law. Delivery truck drivers are likely to handle a large number of packages every day and take them through complicated routes. It also involves getting on and off the vehicle multiple times a day.

To be able to take up driver jobs in the United States for long-haul or heavy duty driving, you must have a commercial driver’s license and a high school diploma along with a few years of experience in truck driving. Besides this, you will receive majority of your training on the job.

With over 1.6 million driver jobs in 2010, this figure is expected to go up by 21% by the end of this decade. The median salary of heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers in 2011 was $37,930 per year.