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    O Ability to communicate effectively across various levels of the organization, and communicate with customers and external vendor...

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    We built our business from the ground up, and through hard work and superior service, today we boast more than 110 power units, in...

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    3 - 5 years auto service / engine diagnostic experience. As one of the leading automotive service providers in the South with over...

  • Columbia, SC

    PPR Travel Nursing is known for our outstanding customer service and creating the best employee experience in the industry....

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    A person that can communicate with customers, deliver loads on schedule, and can keep safety in the forefront of their daily activ...

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Customer Service Job & Employment Information

In today’s competitive business environments, customer service jobs have become critical for businesses across sectors. The call-center industry and the surge in online customer service jobs has resulted in the development of a fast growing industry that is now worth approximately 16 billion US dollars.

Among the most commonly held positions in this industry is that of a Customer Service Representative. With nearly 2.2 million jobs for this position in 2010, it is estimated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that this figure will go up by 15% by the end of the decade. Other jobs include that of customer service coordinators, service managers, computer support experts and sales associates.

With the ability to get a decent opportunity with only a high school diploma, many customer service jobs offer part-time openings that are ideal for college students. However, many employers may expect a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for certain positions.

You can find customer service jobs within in-house departments as well as with organizations that offer third-party services.

The annual wage for customer service representatives was approximated at $30,610 annually, where the top 10% earned almost $50,000 yearly.