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Today's administrative assistant careers demand a lot more than the conventional skills associated with answering phone calls and managing office supplies. Now, administrative assistant jobs postings list out a range of high-level responsibilities such as support in conducting research, preparing and maintaining statistical data, managing requests for information and also handling a few clerical tasks such as maintaining correspondence, coordinating conference calls, scheduling meetings and receiving visitors into the office.

As an administrative assistant, you may also be responsible in maintaining budgets and making sure that all the departments adhere to the assigned funds. With a good track record, chances are that you will be given the responsibility of a project manager. Here, you can expect to rise up the ladder by applying your advanced planning and organizational skills.

By the end of this decade, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the employment levels in this field will go up by 12%. This means that by 2020, about 118,500 new administrative assistant jobs will be added into the American market.

Individuals must consider applying in metropolitan regions such as New Jersey, San Francisco, Trenton and Washington, D.C where salary payouts are the highest.